2017 Judged Technical Awards

The MTI Committee, in partnership with our sponsors, have created new technical awards for this tournament. We will have a published rubric for all judged awards by June 1st. Each team will receive the commented rubric from their judges at the end of the tournament. This will provide feedback so that teams will know where they are strong and where improvements can be made.

Please note that these four awards are the only ones being given at the MTI. None of the standard FTC awards will be given.

Innovative Sensor Fusion Award - recognizes the team that utilizes sensors and software to enhance automated and driver assisted control. Independent of team competition ranking, this award recognizes the system architecture that combines sensors and software to enable a robot and driver to positively respond to planned and unplanned events during game play. The winning team will receive a $500 grant.

Sponsored by Wortech Corp who generously donated funds and valuable time to make this award possible. Wortech Corp focuses on information technology engineering services.

Teams who wish to be considered for this award must submit an application by June 14, 2017. Applications and rubrics for this award are available in this folder. Completed applications should be emailed to: MTIsubmissions@gmail.com

The MTI Committee would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Phil Malone of GEARS Inc. who provided invaluable assistance in crafting this award.

Hackground K.I.S.S. Award - This award will go to the team that has embraced and demonstrated the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Straightforward and Simple) philosophy when designing their robot. This award celebrates the accessibility and reliability of an elegant mechanical design. This award can be given to a team for their overall design or for a specific component on their robot. The winning team will receive a $500 grant.

Rubrics for this award can be found in this folder.

Generously sponsored by Hackground which is dedicated to demystifying STEM and making it accessible to all.

Misumi Mastery Award - will go to the team that the judges deem to have the most creative and robust hardware solution to this year’s challenge. The team that receives this award really impressed the judges with their engineering process, design and performance on the field. The top team will receive a $500 grant.

Rubrics for this award can be found in this folder.

Graciously sponsored by Misumi USA - empowering engineers with configurable components.

Judges Award - This is an optional award that may be given to a team that the MTI judges would like to recognize for achievements not addressed in the awards listed above.

The MTI Committee would like to thank Steve Willingham of Florida FTC for his helpful advice on crafting FTC award rubrics.

Technical Interview Schedule

Below is the schedule. The judges are coming to team pits so make sure you are in place at the time listed below for your team. You will have a maximum of 10 minutes with the judges to present your robot - hardware only.

Software judges will be visiting teams who submitted the required Innovative Sensor Fusion Award application Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Engineering Notebooks must be turned in at Pit Administration. Please do this when you check in your team. No books will be accepted after 12:30 pm on Saturday.