What is AED?

Alpha Epsilon Delta is a nationally-recognized Pre-Health Honor Society aimed at providing resources to pre-medical students at LSU. We provide service opportunities, leadership opportunities and social events.

How do I get more involved in AED?

Attend meetings, service events and social events. Three meeting points and six service points are required each semester to remain active. Visit our Chapter Involvement tab to see all the events AED sponsors and more opportunities to get involved.

Do I qualify to be an associate or national member?

All information regarding membership attainment and status can be found under the "Membership" tab. All application forms can also be found at the bottom of the membership page.

How do I calculate my science GPA?

Click here

How do I sign-up for service events?

Visit our Service tab and look at the calendar to see our available service events. When you choose one, click “Sign-up for an Event” on the right hand side and fill out the form. You will receive a confirmation email a day or two after the deadline to sign up for the event. This email will contain all of the information about the event, as well as the link to the sign-in form you will use to receive your points.

I have a conflict on Tuesday/Wednesday night, how do I get all the meeting points?

Email the secretary at aedemail@gmail.com with a screenshot of your schedule conflict. MCAT prep and LSU classes are the only excusable absences. Excused absences will count towards your meeting points.

I missed the first meeting because of ___, can I still be a member of AED?

Yes, just be sure that you do attend 3 meetings within a semester in order to be considered an active member.

I missed something said at the meeting tonight, where can I find the powerpoint?

All meeting powerpoints can be found at the bottom of the Resources page.

What is FSC?

Freshman and Sophomore Committee is a great way to get to know fellow freshmen and sophomores who are on the same path as you! It is a great way to create a small community within a much larger organization...and you do service along the way! Meeting points for FSC count as a third of an AED service point so join today and start adding to those membership points. See more here: FSC

How do I check my points?

The point spreadsheet is available under the resources section and is updated weekly. To see this semester's points click here

Who is the AED contact?

You may list Dr. Donze as a contact for AMCAS or any other professional applications.