AED Membership 

There are two types of AED memberships, Associate Membership and National Membership. Distinctions can be read below. 

Associate and National Membership applications will be taken at any point throughout the semester at every meeting. All membership applications must be submitted in person and must be printed. 

To be considered an active associate or national member for the semester, you must attend 3 meetings, obtain 1 social point, and obtain 6 service points. If these requirements are not met, you will be considered inactive. 

A list of inactive and active members is sent to the LSU Pre-Med Review Committee each year. 

Membership Chair: Kenedi Lynch (

Click here to view last semester's points: Spring 2022 Points

Associate Membership (Chapter Membership) 

· For those who do not qualify for national membership for any reason

· Must have

    o Science GPA of 3.0

    o Overall GPA of 3.0

    o Filled out application form (forms at bottom of page.)

    o A copy of your college record.

    o Completion of Hazing Prevention Education (more info at bottom of page)

*To apply for Associate Membership please fill out  this form and pay your $5 dues here.

**First-semester freshmen may be conditionally accepted (at the end of the semester, you must send in your college record for GPA review) if they do not yet have a formal GPA calculation. You will still be initially required to send in your college record, even if there is no official GPA at the time of application. 

National Membership

· For those that have completed 3 semesters at LSU at the time of application (usually Sophomores going into Spring Semester)

· Must Have

    o Science GPA of 3.3

    o Overall GPA (less than 60 hours): 3.5

    o Overall GPA (more than 60 hours): 3.3

    o Filled out application form (DO NOT FILL OUT GPA OR INITIATION DATE and PLEASE SIGN.) Forms are at the bottom of page.

    o A copy of your college record.

    o Completion of Hazing Prevention Education (more info at bottom of page)  

*To apply for national membership please fill out the National Membership Application Form. You will need your college record, payment confirmation, and national membership form. Please click here to pay the $120 fee.

**$120 national membership = $75 national dues + $45 LA Beta dues

***AED does not profit off of these funds. Money is soley used for events and supporting our philanthropy. 

 Gold/Platinum Status Requirements


Meeting points + service points + social event points = 12 total points


Meeting points + service points + social event points = 16 total points

*Note:  Only meeting points OVER the required 3 will count toward Gold/Platinum status.  For example, if one attains 5 meeting points for the semester, only 2 of those will count toward Gold/Platinum status. Gold/Platinum status applies to both associate and national members.

Hazing Prevention Education

Under Louisiana law, all members must complete 1 hour of mandatory hazing prevention training annually, as defined in the Max Gruver Act. All AED members must complete this training by October 1st through one of the following options:

Meeting Excuses 

There are two ways to get meeting excuses, but both involve an LSU or MCAT class conflicting with AED general meetings.

In the first case, you may have a class scheduled on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, preventing you from attending all six AED general meetings.

In the second case, you may have a class scheduled on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, preventing you from attending three AED general meetings. You are expected to attend the three other meetings, but there is a possibility of an excuse if an LSU-excused absence prevents you from attending one of the three general meetings you can attend. You will still need to attend two AED general meetings to be considered an active member.

Please complete the Spring 2023 Meeting Excuse Form if these circumstances apply to you. The deadline for meeting excuses is May 3rd at 11:59 PM. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our secretary, Luke, at  

membership Documents 

Venmo (Associate)

PayPal (National or Associate)