The Freshman-Sophomore Committee is a way for Freshmen and Sophomores to become more involved in Alpha Epsilon Delta. It aims to bring new students together and earn service points by planning projects just for them! Meetings are open to all Freshmen and Sophomores interested in AED and occur at 6:30 PM before every general AED meeting. Earn of a service point for attending!

Spring 2023 Meeting Schedule

January 31st: Premed Guide to Applications

February 15th: Kaplan Create Your Own MCAT Study Plan (zoom)

February 28th: US Army Partnership

March 22nd: Big Buddy

April 4th: OLOL ER Residence Team

April 19th: US Army Partnership

FSC Egg Decorating

Come to the parade grounds on TBD for an Easter celebration and egg decorating. All materials will be supplied. This event is worth 1 social point.

Freshman Chairman:

Jaren St. Clair   

Sophomore Co-Chairmen: 

Bryce Stevens and Lexi Cheramie 

2022-2023 Executive Board Advisor: 

Reetu Shrestha (Associate Member-at-Large) 

Meeting PowerPoints

FSC 2022-2023 First Meeting
FSC 2022-2023 Second Fall Meeting
FSC 2022-2023 Fourth Fall Meeting