Spring 2019

Cultural things I learned traveling this year:

  • If you ride to work in the back of a truck in Thailand, you might not be a redneck.
  • Bugs are the protein of the future! (Grasshoppers taste like hay. I prefer crickets.)
  • Oysters for breakfast are not my favorite.
  • Kenyans are all about meat and potatoes - and eating with your fingers. Oh yeah!
  • Tree hugging in Africa can be dangerous!
  • There is no end to the yummy home cooking in Dallas (gotta lose 10lbs again!).
  • And lastly, I loved hosting the third Workday training (see below) event at JAARS.

3... 2... 1...

Wycliffe is blessed with thousands of people (plus open positions) helping millions of people get God’s Word in the language they understand best. To take great care of our members, recruit new members, and always maintain a high standard as an organization, we've decided to move to new personnel software called "Workday".

Workday is going live on April 15! Pray that God will bless the people and technology involved to work together for a smooth transition to this highly complex and important system. THANK YOU!

Celebrating 9 years of ministry with Wycliffe!

God is good and we keep finding new ways to praise Him for his faithfulness with our family, ministry, and so much more. He's stretched us beyond our limits showing us what is possible through His strength.

Thank you for your prayers and support. God truly uses them to make this journey possible!


Michelle and I are joining JAARS' Refuge 139 ministry in September at a conference in Germany that serves translators and their families working in West Asia. Would you please pray with us:

1) For the R139 staff as we prepare the program.

2) For the translators (moms and dads) and their kids that they get their country's travel permission to fly to Germany.

3) R139 staff are self-supported. Pray for Michelle and I to raise funds for flights and program costs.

If you'd like to help, please contact us, or go to the Refuge donation page. Thank you!

JAARS Spiritual Vitality Day

We had fun sharing a skit with our JAARS coworkers on Spiritual Vitality Day. The title was, "The Got It All Together Community Group" - and the characters were Mr. Zeal for Truth (me), Mr. I Can’t Go, Miss Concern and Prayer, and Miss Love for Beauty. We all just received our "DNA" results from "SpiritualAncestry online" and found things about themselves that perhaps they didn't know. 🧐

Praise Report AND Prayer Request

    • Loren's travels in Thailand, Kenya, and Dallas had some challenges, but turned out fine! God gives him a good dose of jet lag to make him relax and recuperate!
    • The Workday training went really well. Now those people are ready for the switch-over on April 15. Thanks for your prayers.
    • Matthew was in a fender bender. Nobody was hurt and his car is still driveable.
    • Pray for Matthew and Zack and their faith as they handle school, jobs, and relationships.
    • Pray for the JAARS Center and the volunteers and members in the process of retiring. We know God has a future planned to bless us, we just need to rest in that confidence!