About us

The village hall is on the Downderry main road and was built in 1890.

Main Hall: The main hall is accessed via a ramp to the front door and is on one level. It has a wooden floor, a versatile stage that can be configured to various heights and sizes and lights and sound for theater productions. It has toilets, wall mounted heaters and is dog friendly. The kitchen has recently been refurbished and meets current Food Hygiene standards for light refreshments, minor food preparations & cooking with hot meals mainly prepared off-premises. This makes it ideal to hire for most types of events and social occasions.

Snooker Room: The Snooker room is accessed via a side door and down a flight of stairs. The door is kept closed so members wishing to play need to pay a £10 charge to obtain a key. Members can use the snooker table when no matches are being played. For more information contact Sue Slyfield. Dogs are not allowed in this room. Members please note, after using the Snooker Room you must turn off the lights and lock the door.

Facebook group: For the latest news, upload photos and take part in discussions about the Village Hall follow our Facebook group, just search for Downderry and Seaton Village Hall or follow this link - https://www.facebook.com/groups/204478990343982/ .

Note: The Village hall does not have a car park, however, there is a public car park on the opposite side of the main road. For information about our Village, go to the Downderry and Seaton Residents Association website.

For more information about the Village Hall, download our Constitution and Rules available below.

Rules and Constitution 2019.pdf