Timed Task Center


Directions: Try to complete as much of the five tasks listed below as you can in under an hour. You can use the timer embedded in a video to the right.

Though theses are not actual exam tasks, they are meant to mimic the level one Google for Education exam tasks under time constraints.

If you can't make it under an hour, don't worry. These tasks will provide you with some good practice. Remember this is an open-note exam, so I recommend having this page open in a separate tab or browser window in case you need to "check your notes." Remember that if you get stuck, you can Google it.

TASK 1--Work in Drive with Docs, Slides and Sheets and organize content in a folder.

In your Drive, create a folder labeled “Trial Test.” Add the following items to your folder:

1. Add a Google Doc and name it “Trial Doc.” Within the document type “This is [insert your name]’s trial doc” and highlight your name in yellow and format the words “trial doc” in blue bold font.

2. Add a Slide Deck Presentation, and name it “My Trial Slides.” Create a title page and insert an image of your choice. Create a second a slide and insert a YouTube video.

3. Add a Google Sheet named “Trial Sheet.” Make three columns with the headings: Students (last name only), Class Period, Final Exam Percentage. Within the document insert five rows that will act as five different students. Insert fictitious data for each of the five students. At the bottom of the percentage column, enter the formula that will provide the average final exam grade. Arrange students’ names in alphabetical order. Finally, display the information in a graph of your choice.

4. Add a PDF file from your computer to the "Trial Test" folder in your drive.

5. Make a copy of this Google Document named "Sample Syllabus" and organize it into your Trial Test folder.

Task 2--Create and add content to a YouTube channel.

1. Create your own YouTube Channel.

2. Make at least one playlist in which you add videos that are related to your content area in your library.

3. Share the YouTube Channel with a colleague.

Task 3--Create a New Google Site for your students and parents, so they have access to your calendar of due dates, syllabus and other resources.

Use the new version of Google Sites.

1. On the HOME page, write an introduction to the students and parents.

2. Insert an existing Google Calendar of events. If you don’t have an existing calendar, create one with a few events to insert into your website.

3. Add a second page, name it SYLLABUS insert the "Sample Syllabus" Google Doc from your Drive.

4. In your SYLLABUS page, add a sub page, and name it RESOURCES. For this page, you will need to search the web for at least three resources that relate to the content area you teach. Add hyperlinks to these sites.

Task 4--Create a Google Form to get to know your new students.

It is the first day of school and you want to learn about your students quickly so that you may begin to differentiate instruction. Create a form that asks the students questions about the following items:

1. Name (first and last)

2. Class period

3. Favorite subject

4. Hobby

5. Sport interest

6. Favorite book

7. Favorite movie

8. Something you want the teacher to know about you.

Responses to the questions should use short text, long paragraph, pull-down menu, and multiple choice options. Decide which questions fit each option. You may use an option more than once, but all response options must be represented in the form.

Task 5--Create and post in a Google Classroom.

Create a Google Classroom and name it [Your Last Name] Trial Classroom--for example--Smith Trial Classroom.

1. Write a welcome post to the students.

2. Create an assignment that asks the students to introduce themselves to the class. Insert a due date for the assignment.

3. Upload your Sample Syllabus (from Task 1) to the ABOUT section.

4. Upload the the "My Trial Slides" Google Slide deck, using the option “Make a copy for each student.”

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