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The best way to prepare for Google for Education Certification is by using the tools authentically, and the Google for Education Training Center site offers the best training. Simply searching YouTube for videos may provide the more visually inclined some comfort and confidence by seeing the tools in action, but the sheer amount of videos can be overwhelming. Below, you'll find video resources I've curated by app, created by Google Certified Trainers Michelle Phillips, Brett Petrillo, Louis Shanafelt and yours truly, as well as Google Innovators Eric Curts, Catlin Tucker, and Alice Keeler.

I highly recommend Michelle Phillip's YouTube playlist titled Google Educator Exam prep. She has created brief, clear, accurate, detailed, and concise video tutorials.

Educator Brett Petrillo has a very detailed playlist titled Google Certified Educator Preparation. At about a half hour each, these videos are extensive, and I recommend these for the tools that are giving you the most trouble.

When you feel prepared, head over to my Timed Task Center to see how you do while racing against the clock.

Google Docs

Checklist of Skills

Access, create, collaborate, and organize files

Provide and review feedback, comments and suggested edits

Send direct comments to specific users

Access the Revision History and revert to earlier versions

Use built-in citation tools

Additional Sources

Google Docs Scavenger Hunt - Clicking this link will prompt you to make your own copy of this fun way of getting to know Google Docs. This was developed by Catlin Tucker, and I've used this with 2nd graders, middle and high-schoolers, and adults.

Google Drive

Checklist of Skills

Access, create, and organize files and folders

Upload, convert, and share Google files and folders and non-Google files

Additional Sources

Organize Your Drive Like A Pro

Google Classroom

Checklist of Skills

Create, customize and navigate a Google Classroom as a teacher

Join a Google Classroom as a student

Ways to add students and customize settings

Post an announcement, attach files from Drive, your computer, links, or a YouTube video

Post and schedule an assignment with attachments, and set due dates, classes, students, topics

Distinguish between attaching files students can view, edit, and "make a copy for each..."

Post a short answer question and a multiple choice question

Reuse a previous post

Invite guardians to receive email summaries

Email, remove, or mute students

Using the About section to add class materials and invite a co-teacher

Additional Sources

Quick-Start Guide - Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Google Calendar

Checklist of Skills

Create a new Google Calendar

Under “Week View” or any “Day View,” add two appointments.

Enter details for the appointments, including a title/location, time, and provide a reminder 3 hours before the appointment

Add an attachment the appointment

Share the calendar with at least two colleagues

Additional Sources

Louis Shanafelt's tutorial

Google Sheets

Checklist of Skills

Create a Sheet entitled “Practice Sheet.”

Create four columns with the headings: Students (last name only), Class Period, Current Grade (A-F scale), and Grade Percentage.

Within the document insert five rows that will act as five different students. Insert fictitious graded data for each of the five students.

At the bottom of the grade percentage column, enter the formula that will provide the average final exam grade.

Display the information in a graph of your choice.

Share the Sheet with two colleagues, giving view only access.

Additional Sources

Google Sheets/ Excel Differences at a Glance

Google Forms

Checklist of Skills

Create a new Google Form

Create a multiple-choice question

Create a checkbox question

Create a open-ended question

Send a link to the form for someone to take

Add a colleague as a collaborator

Additional Sources

The videos below show ways to create self-grading quizzes.


Checklist of Skills

Access a gmail account

Send an email to yourself with "Procedures"as the subject.

Create three labels in your Gmail (Codes/Passwords, Procedures, and Things to Print) and color code them.

Create a filter for emails with the word "procedure" and include label.

Additional Sources

Create rules to filter your emails

Google Slides

Checklist of Skills

Create a Slide entitled “Practice Slide.”

Choose a theme

Create three slides, using at least two different layouts for your Slide Deck.

Insert images on two of the three slides, along with text that describes the image.

Share the Slide with two colleagues, giving only view access.

Additional Sources

Google Slides Scavenger Hunt - Clicking this link will prompt you to make your own copy of this fun way of getting to know Google Slides. This was developed by Catlin Tucker, and I've used this with 2nd graders, middle and high-schoolers, and adults.

The Daily Prophet - Did you know Google Slides can be used for more than just presenting? Originally developed by George Barcenas, this Slide Deck was created as a template for a newsletter, and I adapted it to serve as a syllabus.

Google Sites

Checklist of Skills

Create a Site using New Google Sites.

Name your site, use large banner for the header, and change the theme.

Insert three pages - Insert text, images and embed URL on each page.

Add media to your site - Doc, Form, or Sheet; and YouTube Video

Publish site

Additional Sources

Ideas on how to use sites in the classroom below

Google Hangouts

Checklist of Skills

Start a video hangout with a colleague

Invite two colleagues via email and Google+

Additional Sources


Checklist of Skills

Subscribe to at least two YouTube Channels of your choice.

Create a private playlist in which you add five videos related to using Google in the classroom.

Share your playlist with at least two colleagues via email.

Additional Sources

Google Groups

Checklist of Skills

Create a new group

Invite at least one colleague

groups in classroom.pdf


Checklist of Skills

Update your Profile.

Follow a minimum of three people

Create a community that is private and invite at least three colleagues.

Google Search

Checklist of Skills

Watch the videos and make your Google searches more effective

This article gives you a useful list as well.

Add Ons and Chrome Extensions

Additional Sources

Chrome Extensions

Using the Explore Tool in Docs, Slides, & Sheets

Checklist of Skills

Watch the videos and play with the Explore Tool

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