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A weekly video where you'll get word of encouragement and a cool resource or two, all in under five minutes because you have better things to do.

no. 07: Two Vital Teaching Practices for After Schools Reopen

In this video: Beyond social-emotional considerations, students’ ability to retain new information will likely be an area of highest concern for educators. So here are two practices that will help with just that, regardless of what the school will look like next in Fall 2020: Spacing and Interleaving.

Some research on these practices.

Revision techniques: Interleaving and spacing, Helen Webb, SecEd, April 2019.

Here is a quick Flippity tutorial.

Here is a tutorial for creating a self-assessing quiz using Google Slides.

Here is a sample self-assessing quiz and here is template you can copy and adapt.

no. 06 : Communication Despite Language Barriers ft. & Microsoft Translator

In this video: Hope from a hobbit, and two game-changing tools to help you communicate in languages you don't know.

TalkingPoints: A messaging tool to help you communicate and partner with parents and guardians into over 100 different languages, and allows recipients to message in their home language, but translates it for you in your language. Tutorial for this one starts at 1:20. Conversation Mode in Microsoft Translator: A free app which allows you to have a real-time translated conversation, conducive to either in-person or distance-learning settings. Tutorial for this one begins at 2:47.

Download the free app on: Android or Chromebook; iOS; or PC.

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no. 05 Doing More with Less Time & + Self-Assessing Google Quizzes

In this video: an encouraging word of advice from the coach of all instructional coaches, ideas for strategic end-of-year review activities using and self-assessing quizzes on Google Slides (that's right, SLIDES not Forms).

Tools:, a site that turns spreadsheets into cool interactive review activities.

Link to Flippity:

Click here for a Flippity Tutorial

Self-Assessing Google Slides Sample

Self-Assessing Google Slides Tutorial

Self-Assessing Google Slides Template

More Google Slide Templates

no. 04: Celebrating Student Accomplishments &

In this video: an encouraging word of advice via a story, a pair of strategies to celebrate students, and excuse me, but my nerd is showing.

Tools:, where you can customize a Star Wars introduction crawl, and a tutorial for how-to create a virtual awards ceremony using Google Slides.

no. 03: Motivating Students (When Grades "Don't Matter") and FutureMe

Tool:, where you can write into a virtual time capsule and have it emailed to you in a future date. See a quick tutorial here.

Resources for Passion Projects:

no. 2: Student Engagement from a Distance and Using Google Slides Templates

In this video: an encouraging word about staying positive, a strategy to increase engagement from a distance, last week’s raffle winner, and me in short shorts. Seriously, but you’ll have to stay to the end for that last one.

Tool: Google Slides Templates for Projects


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no. 01: Virtual Office Hour Incentives and Wheel of Names

In this video: an encouraging word on what we're actually doing, a strategy to incentivise student participation in virtual office hours, and a tool to help you do it.

Tool: Wheel of Names

Find more ideas here:

Webinar: Managing Office Hours for Emergency Distance Learning and Presentation Slides

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