Stealin Rob

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Stealin Rob

words and music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © SOCAN 2021

Stealin Rob

I met a guy named Stealin Rob

He took for a living, that was his job

When you weren’t looking he’d theive your dog

And that’s why they call him Stealin Rob

He had a friend named Stealin Jack

He’d take the shirt right off of your back

He carried his prize in a gunnysack

And that’s why they call him Stealin Jack

One day I parked my van on the lawn

And when I come back there it was gone

All my possessions they did pawn

I looked in my bank everything was withdrawn

They took all my stuff everything I did own

They lifted my laptop and my cell phone

They picked me clean right down to the bone

My travels back east are now postponed

They stole their mothers apple pie

Left her hanging, not saying goodbye

No they weren't brothers they don’t qualify

Stealin Rob and Jack they was the same guy

Now we know the truth of that man

He blamed the other for pulling the scam

There was no other he was the whole clan

They both was each other and that was their plan

They fooled the town folk by switching their names

When one was in trouble the other one blamed

They burned the sheriff, it was a con game

Stealin Rob says Stealin Jack dun it just for the fame

Then one day as we all knew

Stealin Rob and Jack’s plans dun fell thru

He was caught at in shack he was breaking into

And now he’s serving a sentence for two

The moral of the story for Jack and for Rob

They ought not be stealing they ought not to rob

To spare them their jail time they start a new job

They should have called them selves honest Bob