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Fired Up The Light

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Brent's Songs Vol 2 © SOCAN 2022

Fired Up The Light © SOCAN 2008

  • "I wrote this song for my niece to sing. Turned out to be a very cool song! I like it too!"

Fired Up The Light

Words & Music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 2008 SOCAN

Once I found myself in sorrow
Couldn’t find no reason to survive
Didn’t want to live just to see tomorrow
Didn’t want to live just to be alive

Just like magic came the answer
You came and fired up the light
My life was disorder, my life was a blur
But the bright of the light made it feel all right

You came along and I finally started living
You came along and I spread my wings took flight
You came along and I learned to be forgiven
You came along and I fired up the light

Now I live my life in freedom
No longer a victim to the black of night
Just live, that’s all, don’t need no reason
You and I together fired up the light


Fired Up The Light
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