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Time for Livin

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Brent's Songs Vol 2 © SOCAN 2022

Time for Livin© SOCAN 2005

  • "I went on a day canoe trip with my best friend…that’s right, my guitar. I realized that life is for living, so go ahead, just live!"

Time for Livin

Words & Music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 20 SOCAN

Sitting here waiting for nothin’
Don’t know if it will come
Empty my mind, now is the time for livin’

Don’t gotta worry about nothing
Don’t gotta think at all
Everything’s fine, now is the time for livin’

The sun will come up tomorrow
Just as it will go down tonight
Ain’t no time for suffering an sorrow
Just open your mind everything’s alright

Time for Livin
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