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Get On Home © SOCAN 2020

Get On Home

Words & Music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 20 SOCAN

♫ Hey girl, whatcha doing alone, hey girl, whatcha doing alone
I don’t want no part you better get on home
Hey girl don’t you know, hey girl don’t you know
To save us both from heartache you better go
You sit there looking delicious,
oh oh, you better get on home
You’re starting to fulfill my wishes,
oh oh you better get on home
Hey girl, what’s going on, hey girl, what’s going on
That old familiar feelings coming on strong
Hey girl you know I’m weak, hey girl you know I’m weak
Oh oh here comes trouble
she comes she’s starting to speak
She says big fella I’m lonely,
oh oh, won’t you come on home
I say sweet thing if only,
oh oh, you tease me to the bone
Hey girl here we go again, hey girl here we go again

I know my heart’ll be breakin’ in the end
Hey girl don’t wanna be alone, hey girl don’t wanna be alone
I’ve given into temptation take me home

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