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Butterfly © SOCAN 2020


Words & Music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 20 SOCAN


♫ Alone again, just me
I feel a flutter wonder why
A butterfly lands gently
She’s so beautiful she makes me cry
I fall in love instantly
She’s the answer to my dreams
I want to keep my new love with me
She seems to want the same it seems

I tried to keep her by my side
I tried to make her stay
It took so long to realize
That butterflies fly away

It’s so good cos she’s with me
But she beats her wings against the cage
So sacred, I have to set her free
Butterflies cannot be engaged
I open my heart tear down the net
Tears flow as she goes
I pray it isn’t over yet
She’ll flutter back I know

I sit alone and I think of her
Wonder where that butterfly be
I feel a flutter, I feel a stir
Oh lord please let it be she
I know her wings are beating
I know she has to be free
I know this fluttering feeling
Butterfly flutter home to me
Butterfly flutter home to me

Love Songs for an Angel - book © ​2016
isbn 978-0-9950163-1-6