Am I Just Dreaming

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Am I Just Dreaming© SOCAN 2020

Am I Just Dreaming

Words & Music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 2003 SOCAN

I was so deep in love I thought it was a dream. Am I just dreaming?

I see you there - I see you here
I close my eyes when I want you near
I long for your touch - I crave you so much
Am I just dreamin

You are not mine - not at this time
They say that love is blind
But I will not quit - I will commit
Am I just dreamin

You are my friend - that won't ever end
I wish our friendship would extend
To the next stage - and write a new page
Am I just dreamin

I’ll wait for you - it's all I can do
I’ll wait until my dream comes true
That day I will find - that you are all mine
Am I just dreamin

The love I have for you is honest and it’s true
And I just need to show you everyday
It’s so hard when you’re not there, the love we need to share
And to discover, one another in everyway

So darlin’ you see - what you mean to me
And why I’ll never be
Complete without you - I thought that you knew
Am I just dreamin

Life caries on, when you are gone.
You're always with me in my song
So come to home me, the way it should be
And make true my dreamin

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