Santa and Baby Jack

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Santa and Baby Jack

words that music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 2020 SOCAN

Baby Jack is my in-laws 5-month-old baby, in 2020, who underwent open heart surgery. This poem is about Santa visiting little Jack in the recovery room and assuring him he'll live a long happy life.

Watching this video, listening to the mp3, or reading requires Kleenex within reach!!!

Update - in fall 2022 Jack has made a full recovery!

Santa and Baby Jack

By Brent Lindsay Boehler © 2020

Twas a cold early Christmas, and Santa was worn

He delivered the presents far into the morn

And at the North Pole he was ready for bed

Anticipating sleep that was just ahead

Before he lay down his cell phone did ring

T’was Jingle the Elf with a texting

No sleeping yet Santa, rest when you can

There’s one baby boy who needs you old man

He’s been in the room with the man dressed in white

Fixing his body to make it work right

This babe is young, only five short months old

He’s never seen Santa, this I’ve been told

With no hesitation Santa jumped to his sleigh

In a matter of moments was well on his way

He appeared in the room where little Jack slept

No noise did he make, so quiet he crept

And when Santa spoke Jack opened his eyes

It’s just like he knew him this was no surprise

As Santa does and as Santa did

He reached for a gift for this tiny kid

And way at the bottom of his red worn sack

Was one special present for sick little Jack

He placed the small gift on Jack’s baby chest

He whispered in silence, this boy needs his rest

He placed his old finger on Jack’s little nose

He tickled his belly, he tickled his toes

He said, Jack my boy you’re a strong little tyke

Your journey just started, you just started life

A smile crossed his face as he wiped way a tear

No worries young Jack, I’ll see you next year

You’ll have your first Christmas, then two, three, then four

Then thirty, then ninety, and maybe some more

You’ll be an old fella, a great grandad too

A long happy life I wish for you

Now’s time to go, Merry Christmas young Jack

Before you know it, I soon will be be back

He cried out as he left, “See you all in a while”

And when he was gone I saw Baby Jack smile