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One World vs Two

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One World vs Two © SOCAN 1992

"I wrote this song about nobody. It’s just a good subject to write about. Funny thing, when I performed it in the bars a lot of close friends thought that my wife and I were splitting up! They assumed I wrote the song about my marriage, but as I said, I wrote this song about nobody. Took another eight years before we split up!"

One World vs Two

Words & Music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 1992 SOCAN

I finally found the reason why we can’t go on this way
The feelings growing stronger everyday
I know I promised you that I’d be true |But she’s standing in the way
It’s getting harder and harder to stay

The time has come for moving on but something don’t feel right
I think about is baby every night
I’m losing you, should I feel blue
Or should I stay and stay and fight
Because two worlds are about to collide

One world is falling apart while the other comes together
Just like the first I swear the second will last forever
Moving from one world to the other I must do
Or else it’s one world vs two

So now you see, what’s hurting me and why I must depart
Situation demands a brand new start
If I stay here or disappear we’d still fall apart
Because her world is calling my heart

One World vs Two
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