Rock Bottom to Cloud Nine

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Rock Bottom to Cloud Nine © SOCAN 2003

  • A kinda country/bluesy swing shuffle thing, written by Brent Lindsay Boehler in 2003.

  • "This song was inspired by my fling with a beauty, she was always different everyday. Sometimes heaven, sometimes hell. I never knew if I was on rock bottom, or cloud nine!"

  • Track number 1 on Brent's Songs Vol1

Rock Bottom to Cloud Nine

Words & Music by Brent Lindsay Boehler © 2003 SOCAN

You’ve taken me from
Rock bottom to cloud nine
You like to keep me there all the time
You never let me make up my mind Cos it’s you ride

You’ve taken me from
The very bottom to the very top
This ride is hard but please don’t stop
I never want to ever get off of this ride

Loving you is the hardest thing I’ve ever been thru
Loving you is the best thing I’ve ever done
One minute I’m flyin’ and the next I’m crying about you
My hearts working overtime on this emotional run

I said it before and I’ll say it again yeah I love you
But I just can’t figure what’s next on this crazy ride
Am I bubbling with joy or crashing to earth cos I miss you
It don’t matter as long as you’ve by my side

Rock Bottom to Cloud Nine
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