2010 News

More Level 1 Coach Successes

20/12/10 - Congratulations to Robbie Cook and Sean Millward on passing their Level 1 coach assessment at the weekend!

John Stoner

Canoe England Volunteer Recognition Awards

On Saturday December 4th 2010 at an awards ceremony at the annual Canoe England coach conference in Swindon, our head coach John Stoner was presented with the 2010 PaddlePower Coach of the Year award. The award was presented by Ian Wynne, Athens Olympic bronze medal winner in the men's K1 500m kayak sprint.

This award was presented to John in recognition of his outstanding contribution as a qualified coach who is actively bringing more young people into paddlesport. Through his coaching and mentorship, Break Out Canoe Club members have regular access to canoe and kayaking. They have the opportunity to try out various aspects of paddlesport, have some fun and, if they want to, progress to great things.

On behalf of all Break Out Canoe Club coaches and committee members I would like to say Well Done to John on winning this award and Thank You to him for all his hard work!

Jo Gutteridge, Secretary

Orton Mere Winter Slalom

21/11/2010 - We competed at the Orton Mere Winter Slalom at the weekend, and won a total of eight prizes. Matt Cook was our highest placed competitor, producing excellent performances in both the K1 and C1.

John Stoner

2010 Slalom Rankings

2011 National Canoe Slalom Rankings

The canoe slalom rankings for the 2011 season were released at the end of November. A summary of our ranked paddlers is provided below. Congratulations again to Louis on his in-season promotion to Division 1 in the men's K1 class.

Level 1 Coach Successes

25/10/10 - Congratulations to Matt Cook and Jacob Boswell on passing their Level 1 coach assessment

Sowerby Bridge Canoe Slalom

17/10/10 - Ten of our Scouts and Explorers attended this slalom competition at Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire, our last of the season. It seemed a little odd going to a Division 2 event without Mark and Louis, who had both just started at University. However, the bright (if a little chilly) weather and decent water levels made for a really good weekend's canoeing. We were awarded a total of five prizes.

In the Men's Division 3 K1 class, newly-promoted Sam put in some really good performances to achieve mid-table positions on both days - an excellent result for his first competition at this level. On the Sunday Patrick made fourth position in a field of 20, and earnt 850 promotion points. It's a shame that we're now at the end of the season - another couple of result like this, and he'd have been promoted! Joe's results continue to improve rapidly since his return to canoeing after a year off through injury, and he won the under 18 prize on both days. Nick wasn't happy with his performance, but still managed his best two results of the season.

In Division 2 Erin, Sean, Jacob and Robbie put in good solid performances. On the Saturday, Matt seemed to be a little subdued, and let coach John beat him in the Men's K1. On the Sunday he came out fighting and achieved a seventh place in a field of 52, winning the under 18 prize, and beating John who also had a good run, and a season's best result. And all that Matt had had the night before was sausages! Even more impressive was his performance in the Canadian (C1) event. He was awarded second place in a field of 10, and narrowly missed out on first place, with a run that was four seconds faster than the winner - shame about the four touches, which resulted in 8 seconds of penalties. I can see him being in Division 1 in both K1 and C1 early next season. Keep it up Matt!

Our fifth prize was the under 18 in the Canadian doubles competition (C2), which was won by Sean and Matt on the Saturday.

We once again stayed at the Scout bunkhouse near Hebden Bridge. Lyn cooked us all sausage and mash, and apple crumble on the Saturday evening. Matt set up his sound system and we listened to some soothing tunes from the likes of popular beat-combo Slipknot. The Explorers later felt the need to make the 10 minute walk t' local pub - presumably to apologise to the landlord for the noise? I think that t' sheep had had enough too...

Anyway, thanks to all for an excellent weekend - to Lyn for the cooking and arranging the accommodation, and to Wendy and Lisa for helping with the transport. Oh, and to Joe and Nick for the chocolate Father Christmas. Presents are always appreciated, but I really couldn't see the resemblance!

John Stoner

Fundraising Curry Night

On October 12th 2010 Break Out Canoe Club and the South Leicestershire Explorer Scout Unit held a fundraising Curry Night hosted by the Sunar Gow Restaurant, Broughton Astley.

A grand total of 58 District Exec members, Leaders, Canoe Coaches, Explorer Scouts, family and friends enjoyed an evening of Indian speciality dishes, good company and card tricks (courtesy of the restaurant manager)!

The event, including a raffle organised by Explorer parent Sandra Parkinson, raised a significant amount of money. Some of the funds raised will go towards the purchase of a smaller kayak to suit our 8 – 10 year old Cub Scouts. South Leicestershire District would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the Sunar Gow and to say we will be back soon!!

Jo Gutteridge

Stone Division 3/4 Canoe Slalom

10/10/10 - Our third outing to Stone of the season produced three prizes. Robert got another promotion-qualifying result, coming fifth, and winning the under 18 prize in the Division 3 K1 Men's class. Two more results like this, and he'll be promoted.

As expected, Sam Pateman completed a couple of excellent runs, came third, won the under 14 prize, and was promoted to Division 3. Our third prize went to Katherine Stoner, who won the under 14 prize in the Division 4 Women's K1 class.

Joe Tallis and Sam Swinfen were competing for the first time, and both did well considering that neither had even tried to negotiate a slalom gate before!

Thanks to Lyn, Lisa and Ruth for helping to transport our nine Explorers, Scouts, kayaks and associated equipment, and to Robbie and Sean for their support.

John Stoner

Robert receiving his prize

Goodbye Matt, Louis and Mark

02/10/10 - This month we say a (partial) goodbye to three of our longest serving, and most experienced members. Matt is now in York doing an apprenticeship in brick laying; Louis is off to Bristol University to study aeronautical engineering, and Mark is going to York University to study computer science. We wish them all the very best - you'll be missed guys! However, each has promised to continue to paddle with us during the holidays and at some weekend events.


02/10/10 - Many thanks to the Sir Andrew Martin Trust, the Florence Turner Trust, and the Rotary Club of Lutterworth for their recent donations. The money received will go towards the purchase of a fleet of new kayaks for our younger members.

Louis Promoted to Division 1 at Cardington

05/09/10 - Congratulations to Louis on winning the Division 2 Men's K1 event on the Sunday, and getting a second place on the Saturday. These results, together with impressive performances at competitions earlier in the season have given him promotion to Division 1 of the national league - the first member of Break Out canoe club to have achieved this remarkable feat.

Fourteen Scouts and Explorer Scouts, and three leaders competed at this combined Division 2, 3 and 4 canoe slalom event at Cardington near Bedford. This was a 'double' event, involving separate competitions on the Saturday and the Sunday. We had entries in all three divisions, with a record-breaking nine entries in Division 2.

We won four individual prizes in total. Robert gained second place in the Division 4 event on the Saturday and was promoted, and on the Sunday Simon Chamberlain did the same thing. Although not awarded a prize, Matt put in two impressive performances in the Division 2 Canadian single (C1) to gain second place on both days.

Congratulations also to Patrick, Robert and Klay on winning the inter-club L&SER grand prix event on the Sunday, and being runners-up on the Saturday. This event rewards good junior performances in Divisions 3 and 4. The three best times, irrespective of class are counted, with the winning team being the one that has the lowest total time.

Matt, John, Sean, Patrick and Klay all put in season personal best performances in the Men's K1. Robert's performance on the Sunday in Division 3 was particularly impressive - 5th out of 29 competitors, having only been promoted the day before.

Cardington provides an easy Division 2 course, but a rather difficult Division 4 course, as Katherine will confirm! Matt and Sean warrant a special mention, having somehow managed to sink the C2 on their first run...

On the Saturday night, we stayed at the local Scout campsite, which we had all to ourselves. On the Sunday morning, I emerged bleary-eyed from my tent just in time to see through the mist, a Scout (who shall remain nameless) speeding down the slope nearby in a small hand-cart. A few minutes later I noticed that a kayak had during the night mysteriously moved from Simon's van to my car. Simon's van was instead delightfully adorned with traffic cones. I'm not sure that I appreciated it at the time, but thanks for the entertainment guys!

Many thanks to Lisa, Simon and Peter for their invaluable support. A weekend of hard work, but well worthwhile.

John Stoner

Matt and Sean Promoted!

07/08/10 - Break Out club members were at Harefield at the weekend to blast the opposition and come home with a couple of wins. On the Saturday Matt won the C1 category, beating his rival (also called Matt and who was celebrating his birthday). Matt was extremely pleased with his prize of a 'light up in the dark' duck and a medal. Sean came 3rd in Division 3 K1 and also collected a medal. Robbie, after his success the previous weekend, was chilling out as a judge and took a leisurely K1 run.

On Sunday the sun was beating down and Matt, Robbie and Sean were again ready for the onslaught. Matt, determined to win the C1 class again, won but only received a medal for his achievement as they had run out of ducks. Matt was now promoted to Division 2. Sean finished 4th in the Men's K1, received another medal and was promoted to Division 2.

Robbie, again as a judge, slid around the course with ease but was unable to beat the Prem guys.

Well done to all three!

Lyn Courtney

Abbey Rapids Division 2/3/4 Canoe Slalom, 31st July

Well, the raw steak on the Friday night seemed to do the trick - Robbie put in a focussed, clean and fast run on the Saturday to gain second place in the DIvision 3 Men's K1 class. On his second run, he was mysteriously given a 50 second penalty for missing a gate, when he had clearly negotiated it correctly. Had it not been for this bad luck, he would have won. However on the Sunday all was forgiven when Robbie put in another impressive performance to win the same event by a clear twenty seconds! He is now promoted to Division 2.

Having seen what the steak had done for his brother Robbie, Matt decided to try the same strategy on the Saturday evening. On the Sunday Matt's Division 2 K1 performance improved dramatically, and his Division 3 C1 result was his best of the season. The C1 event was inquorate, but with a time that would have given him second place in the Men's K1, he achieved a maximum 100 ranking points - promotion to Division 2 in C1 by the end of the season is now a real possibility.

Mark put in excellent performances on both the Saturday and the Sunday in the Division 2 Men's K1 competition. It was extremely tight at the top, with several paddlers achieving the same times, and positions being determined by second run performances. Mark got a second place on the Saturday, and a sixth on the Sunday, proving that promotion to Division 1 this season is a real possibility.

John won his first Masters prize on the Saturday, but both he and Jacob would rather not say how they did on the Sunday...

Erin Scott at the Washburn

Washburn Canoe Slalom Competition

Congratulations to Louis on coming third in the Men's Division 2 K1 class at the Washburn canoe slalom competition on 4th July. Well done also to Erin on winning the Women's Division 2 Junior prize.

Thanks to White Flyer Photography for the photograph.

A Mere 15 Prizes!

20/06/10 - The Break Out slalom squad excelled themselves at the Orton Mere canoe slalom competition at the weekend. Our 14 paddlers were awarded 15 prizes, including a win in the team event, a second place in the Men's Division 3 K1, and wins in the Women's K1 event on both days. The full list of prizes is as follows:

  • Jacob Boswell 2nd Men's Division 3 K1 (Sunday)
  • Mark Stoner, Matt Cook & Louis Berridge 1st Open Team (Saturday)
  • Linz Fitzpatrick 1st Women's Division 4 K1 (Sunday)
  • Robert Parkinson 2nd Men's Division 4 K1 (Saturday)
  • Sam Pateman U16 Men's Division 4 K1 (Saturday)
  • Katherine Stoner 1st Women's Division 4 K1 (Saturday)
  • Katherine Stoner U18 Women's Division 4 K1 (Sunday)
  • Linz Fitzpatrick 1st Division 4 C2 (Sunday)
  • Matt Cook & Sean Millward U18 Division 3 C2 (Sunday)
  • Sean Millward & Robbie Cook U18 Division 4 C2 (Sunday)
  • Erin Scott 1st Women's Division 4 C1 (Sunday)
  • Jacob Boswell U16 Men's Division K1 (Saturday)
  • Matt Cook U18 Men's Division 3 C1 (Saturday)
  • Matt Cook U18 Men's Division 3 C1 (Sunday)
  • Louis Berridge 1st Division 2 Official (Saturday)

Robert put in an excellent run on the Saturday to gain second place in the Division 4 Men's K1 class. In spite of achieving a result that would have put him into the top half of Division 3, he missed out on promotion yet again due to the low number of competitors. Had there been just one more entrant, he'd have been promoted. Matt, Louis and Mark put in a winning performance that was a real pleasure to watch in the Open Team Event.

The beginners found the white water rather daunting to start with. However Sam's confidence in particular grew during the day, and an intelligent second run in the Men's Division 4 class, resulted in his winning the under 16 prize. Our Division 2 paddlers used the weekend for training, and entered the Officials event. There were some performances from Mark and Louis to match those of the Division 1 paddlers and Louis won the Division 2 prize. Is Division 1 within our sights now?

On the Sunday after a shakey start, Linz won the Women's K1 class - pretty good considering that it was her first competition. The competition in the Men's K1 and C1 classes in particular was of a higher standard than we've encountered for a while. However, Jacob still managed a performance that gave him second place. He now has sufficient points for promotion to Division 2. Matt's confidence in the C1 increases day by day, and he won the Under 18 prize on both days.

And I'm feeling more battered than usual after a weekend's canoeing. I think that having to provide safety cover for four hours (sat in my very tight boat) contributed to my problems; however the fight with Robbie, and slipping down a grassy bank at 11:30 pm didn't help...

Thanks to the parents for helping with the transport, and to Lyn and Pete for support throughout the weekend.

East Midlands Coaching Day

Twenty-five of our Scouts and leaders attended this event at the Nene White Water Centre near Northampton on 13th June. The event catered for a wide range of abilities and activities. Our Scouts tried most things, including flat water open canoeing and kayaking skills, white water, rescue techniques and freestyle sessions.

An excellent time was had by all. More photos are on our Flickr site.

Well, Stone me...!

06/06/10 - Ten Explorers and Scouts competed at this national canoe slalom event at Stone in Staffordshire during the first weekend of June. We won eleven prizes, including SIX first places. I keep having to pinch myself...

In the Division 4 Men's K1 event our less experienced paddlers put in some impressive performances to bag first, third and fourth places on the Saturday. Patrick followed up his second place at Orton Mere two weeks ago with a first place here. Klay finally shook off his run of bad luck to secure third place, and Nick put in an excellent performance on his second run to get fourth and pick up the under 16 prize. All three were promoted to DIvision 3.

In Saturday's Division 3 Men's K1 event Sean Millward pulled out a winning, fast, clean run. Jacob Boswell's speed was just as impressive, but he was far from clean! On the Sunday Jacob's problems continued - his first run was fast, but he left a trail of swinging poles. However during the second run everything came together and he put in a faultless run to win the event. Patrick put in another impressive performance to win the under 14 prize in the same event.

In the Division 4 Woman's K1 class, Katherine Stoner, competing for the first time, achieved second place.

In the Canadian events, Matt Cook won the C1 class on the Saturday and was promoted to Division 3 as a result. He and brother Robbie won in the Division 3 doubles (C2) class on both the Saturday and Sunday, and Sean and Jacob won the DIvision 4 C2 event on the Saturday.

A brilliant set of results! Shame about the poor water quality.

Phew, What a Scorcher!

An excellent team performance at the Orton Mere Division 3/4 Canoe Slalom on 23rd May resulted in our winning five individual and two team prizes.

We entered two teams in the London and South East Region club competition. Our 'A' team, comprising Sean, Robbie and Jacob won, and our 'B' team of Patrick, supported by Mark and Matt in Canadian canoes were runners up.

Patrick came second in the Division 4 Mens K1 class, having been beaten by the smallest of margins on the second run. Matt was second in the Division 4 Men's C1 class, and missed out on promotion by a whisker! In Division 3 Men's K1, Sean, Robbie and Jacob all put in personal best performances for the season, with Jacob in 2nd place, Robbie in 4th place and Sean in 6th. Robbie was also awarded the Junior under 18 prize. Sean and Robbie came third in the Division 4 Canadian Doubles event, winning the Under 18 prize, and Mark came first in the Division 3 C1 event.

We travelled late on the Saturday afternoon, and had a valuable training session on a largely empty course on the Saturday evening. We camped Saturday evening, and were awoken rather early on the Sunday morning by the very hot sunshine. The hottest day of the year so far contributed to a very enjoyable weekend. Our thanks go to Lyn, Wendy and Lisa for their support and help with transportation.

Bala Division 2/3 Canoe Slalom, 1st May

Seven Explorer Scouts and three leaders attended this event, held on the demanding river Tryweryn in Wales. We achieved a very respectable set of results. Louis was our highest placed paddler on the Saturday, coming 8th in a field of 40, and Matt did best on the Sunday, attaining 12th position. Erin won our only prize of the weekend, being awarded the under 16 Junior prize on the Sunday.

Thanks to Lyn, Wendy and Gren for helping with the transport and camping.

Sean and Cobby at Bala

Matlock Division 2/3 Canoe Slalom, 24th April

Congratulations to Mark and Louis on winning the C2 (canadian doubles) event at Matlock. They are now unofficially ranked in the top 20 in the UK!

Sowerby Bridge Division 2/3 Canoe Slalom, 21st March

Heavy rain on the Friday night, and well into the Saturday caused a rapid rise in the river level. The starting official was in great danger of being swept away, and the conditions were becoming very difficult for some of the Division 3 competitors. As a consequence, the organisers decided to cancel the event at lunchtime, after the first Division 2 runs. Matt produced the best Club performance of the day - achieving a position of 13th in a field of 34 competitors - an excellent result at his first Division 2 event.

Staying in the local Scout hostel proved to be the right choice given the conditions! We spent the evening in front of a coal fire, with food provided by Lyn and Gren. By the Sunday, the water level had subsided, and the sun appeared, making for excellent training conditions. Although the cancellation of the event was a disappointment, we all had an enjoyable weekend which included some worthwhile canoeing and kayaking - and a very interesting game of 'cheat' on the Saturday evening.

Mark and Matt demonstrating their C2 skills...

....as only they know how!

Stone Canoe Slalom, 14th March 2010

We attended the first DIvision 3/4 competition of the season at Stone on 14th March. There was a huge number of competitors, and it was rather cold; but inspite of this, there were encouraging performances all round. The most surprising result of the day was Louis winning the women's C1. We pointed out to the organisers that it was probably a little unfair that a man should be permitted to enter a women's event; they relented and adjusted the results accordingly! Louis still managed to achieve a result that was sufficient to give him promotion to Division 2.

Land Rover Community Committee

09/02/10 - Many thanks to Land Rover for its donation of £900 towards the purchase of a competition slalom canoe.

Dale and Nick in our new boats at Stone