Hinckley Wharf Canoe Slalom

The date of the next Hinckley Wharf canoe slalom competition has not yet been set. Please watch this space!

The slalom is held at Hinckley Wharf - the home of Break Out Canoe Unit, Hinckley Water Activities Club, and Hinckley Sea Cadets. All paddlers welcome.

The primary objective of events such as this is to introduce young people to the Olympic sport of Canoe Slalom. There are few prerequisites in terms of the skills required. Paddlers need only to be able to steer their canoe around a defined course. Anybody that has successfully completed a Paddle Discover, PaddlePower or One Star course should have the skills necessary.

At a canoe slalom competition, each paddler must negotiate a course defined by a number of ‘gates’ as quickly as possible. They are timed, and penalties are applied for each gate missed, or pole hit. The winner is the paddler having the fastest time including penalties.

Free practice will be available from 9:00 in the morning, and at 10:45 we will run through the rules for the benefit of those new to the sport. Refreshments will be available on-site.


We will be holding two races:

Novice - This will be the main race, targeted at beginners. Note that this will be registered as a national ranking Division 4 race, and as such, will enable paddlers to attain ranking status should they achieve a good result.

Open - All ranked paddlers, and experienced adult paddlers not interested in being promoted to the next division should enter the Open race.

Enter one race or the other, but not both!


Paddlers may enter one or more classes in a race. The classes are:

  • K1 - Kayak (seated with a double-bladed paddle)

  • C1 - Canadian Canoe (kneeling with a single-bladed paddle)

  • C2 - Two-person Canadian Canoe


Please submit entries using the online system here. If you don't have a club, you can leave this field blank. If you belong to a youth organisation (for example Scouts), you can enter your Group or District name into the 'Sponsor' field. Beginners should enter the Division 4 competition.

Entries will also be accepted on the day, and in advance by post to: John Stoner, 24 Burnside Road, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, LE9 6UD. Its unlikely that we will be full, but please enter in advance in order to guarantee a place.

For postal entries, please use the usual Canoe Slalom entry cards if you have any. Otherwise supply your name, address, age, club (if you have one), and British Canoeing membership number (if you have one). Also indicate which competition and classes you wish to enter. If you are a member of a youth group, please provide details - for example Scout District and Group; Sea Cadet unit etc. Please don't forget to enclose your entry fee (see below)! Cheques to be made payable to Break Out Canoe Club.

Entries will be taken on the day up until 11:00am.

Where a competitor is under 18, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required.


The fee is £6 for entry to each class (adults and juniors). C2 entry fee is £6 per boat.

A Junior is a person having their 18th birthday during, or after 2019.

There will be an additional fee of £5 payable by anybody who is not a member of British Canoeing or an affiliated club. This provides mandatory insurance through day membership of British Canoeing. Note that members of the Scout Association and Sea Cadet units will not need to pay this fee, as the required insurances are provided by their organisations.


Hinckley Wharf Slalom


You do not have to compete in a competition slalom boat - just bring along the boat that you usually paddle. We will have a limited number of boats available for competitors to borrow. Please let us know in advance if you would like to do this.


Prizes will be given to the winners of various classes and age groups. The actual prizes awarded will be dependent upon the nature and number of advanced entries received.

Parking, Access and Directions to the Site

Parking will be available free of charge on-site. Please follow the directions of the marshals. Directions to the site can be found here. Note that the site is not usually open to the general public, and that the gates may therefore be locked outside of the times publicised above.


Refreshments will be available on site within the white Sea Cadets building.


Our thanks to HWAC and Hinckley Sea Cadets for the use of their facilities, and to Hinckley Boat Club and Brookfield Fisheries for their support.

And Finally...

Canoeing and kayaking are 'assumed risk' - 'water contact' sports that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement.