2020 News

Break Out Canoe Unit Annual Awards Evening

08/02/20 - Congratulations to all those who were recognised at our annual awards evening on Friday.

The Highest Ranked Canoe Slalom Paddler award went to Callum Massey, who is now competing in Division 1 of the national league. Jacob Hill and Dan Kelly were jointly awarded the Most Improved trophy, and Ollie Row the Sportsmanship trophy.

There was much discussion amongst the coaches as to who was most deserving of the Most Improved award, and as we couldn't reach a conclusion decided for the first time, to make a joint award. Similarly, there was much debate as to who was most deserving of the Sportsmanship award. We would have been happy to have given it to any of our regular paddlers, but in the end decided that Ollie was most deserving, having provided many years of positive support to both coaches and other club members.

The other awards were as follows:

  • Most Improved Newcomer - Oliver Hawkins
  • Canoe Slalom - Highest Ranked Division 1 Woman - Molly Sandercock
  • Canoe Slalom - Highest Ranked Division 2 Man - Ollie Row
  • Canoe Slalom - Highest Ranked Division 2 Woman - Kerry Christie
  • Canoe Slalom - Highest Ranked Division 3 Man - Frank Griffin
  • Canoe Slalom - Highest Ranked Division 3 Woman - Elsa Montgomery
  • Canoe Slalom - Best Placed Division 4 Man - Oskar Mankert
  • Canoe Slalom - Youngest Competitor - Rupert Hawkins
  • Canoe Slalom - Youngest Ranked Man - Mark Griffin
  • Wild Water Racing - Highest Ranked K1 Woman - Kerry Christie
  • Wild Water Racing - Highest Ranked K1 Man - Frank Griffin
  • Wild Water Racing - Highest Ranked C1 Woman - Zara Montgomery

  • Wild Water Racing - C2 Women - Kerry and Emma Christie
  • Commendation - Chris Blythe
  • Commendation - Adam Thomas

Once the technical problems had been overcome, the evening commenced with videos from previous years, and the unveiling of the buffet. John then presented a review of the year and summarised our accomplishments. This included a very interesting presentation delivered by Kerry and Emma on their experiences at the Junior Wildwater Racing World Championships in Bosnia.

After a short break for further nourishment, and to allow John to have a rest, Richard South, Scout Deputy County Commissioner, made the presentations. The final presentation was the British Canoeing Outstanding Contribution award, which was given by Dave Belbin to John Stoner.

So, thanks to all those who help to organise another very successful evening. Special thanks to Dave Belbin and Richard South, and to all the other leaders representing British Canoeing, the Scout County, and South Leicestershire District who gave their time to be with us: Andy Oughton, Rob Row and Pete and Shirley Harrison.

National Wild Water Racing Awards

12/01/20 - Congratulations to all Break Out Canoe Unit members who were presented with a national wild water racing award at the Holme Pierrepont British Canoeing HQ at the weekend. We were winners in an astonishing 10 categories! The recipients are as follows:

  • Kerry Christie - Women K1 U16 Winner
  • Elsa Montgomery - Women K1 U12 Winner
  • Zara Montgomery - Women C1 U16 Winner
  • Jamie Christie - Veteran Winner
  • Mark Griffin - Men K1 U10 Winner
  • Emma and Kerry Christie - Women C2 U16 Winner
  • Aaron Kirk and Jack Perchard - Men C2 U23 Winners
  • Jack Perchard - Men C1 U23 Winner
  • Elsa Montgomery - Wavehopper Women U12 Winner
  • Mark Montgomery - Wavehopper Men V45 Winner