Integrated Math Video Learning Logs with Flipgrid


In an effort to help my Integrated Math 2 and 3 Students gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts they were learning about I decided to have them describe them on video using flipgrid.

Over the second semester my Integrated Math II and III students used fligrid to explain mathematical concepts in a 60 second video. At first my students had very easy concepts to explain in order to give them confidence and get them comfortable with the technology. As the assignments went on I began adapting the Learning Logs from the appropriate sections of their CPM textbooks. At first glance it would appear that explaining something on video is easy and only a Depth of Knowledge of 1 (DOK 1) recalling information, but with a little imagination it is easy to envision how explaining complex math topics on video requires a much higher order of thinking (DOK 3 and 4).

Over the course of the semester over 100 of my students made over 500 videos where they talked about math for almost 70 hours. Amazing.

More Reasons Why

Describing and explaining concepts will not only help students to gain a greater depth of knowledge on the subject they are describing, but it will also help them to meet some of the eight Common Core Mathematical Practices. In order to be able to explain a problem or concept they must first make sense of it. Hopefully they will have to reason both abstractly and quantitatively to construct viable arguments. Students will also be modeling with mathematics in their explanations while using their video tool strategically.

About Me

Name: Matt Rector

Math Teacher

Site: Grant High School

Tech Required

Computer and/or phone with internet access and Flipgrid

TRUSD Tech Scope & Sequence

  • Empowered Learner - Students are able to navigate a variety of technologies and transfer their knowledge and skills to learn how to use new technologies. ISTE 1.d

  • Digital Citizen - Students manage their online identity and reputation, model ethical behavior, and respect intellectual property and personal data within school policy while understanding how digital actions are never fully erasable. ISTE 2.1

  • Knowledge Constructor - Students demonstrate and practice the ability to effectively utilize research strategies to locate appropriate digital resources in support of their learning. ISTE 3.a

  • Innovative Designer - Students engage in a design process to develop, test and revise prototypes, embracing the process of trial and error and understanding problems or setbacks as potential opportunities for improvement. ISTE 4.c

  • Creative Communicator - Students select appropriate platforms and tools to create original works or responsibly repurpose other digital resources into new creative work. ISTE 6.b

Learning Outcomes

  1. The desired outcomes are for students to gain deeper depth of knowledge for a variety mathematical concepts by describing them on video
  2. They will use multiple mathematics practices throughout the process of making 60 second video.
  3. Students will be able to demonstrate their greater depth of knowlege by earning better scores on tests including the Benchmark and SBAC tests.

Student Tech Skills

Students will learn to describe a mathematical concept in 60 seconds or less using the flipgrid app on their phone or on a computer. They will learn how to script their video and create effective props in order to help explain their concept.

Sample Flipgrid videos

Replace with Steps to complete the projects for teachers

  1. Go to and create an Educator's account (free)
  2. Create a different grid for each different type of Math class you teach (I did one for IM2 and one for IM3)
  3. Click on the Grid and create a different topic for a learning log. I create one each week based on the most appropriate learning log we covered the week before.
  4. Once you've created a topic click on the "Actions" but and "duplicate topic" for each class of that topic you teach. This makes it easier to grade and find who did what.
  5. Create an assignment in School loop and paste the links for each period in the description.