The Dance Programme

at Woburn Collegiate Institute

Welcome to The Woburn Dance Studio - a collection of courses, clubs, videos, photographs, practices and performances that epitomize the Woburn Dance Programme

The Dance Programme’s mission is to empower both its’ teachers and students to dedicate themselves to lifelong learning in a respectful environment and utilize scholastic, communal and technological resources with equal emphasis, to facilitate creativity and collaboration while encouraging freedom of expression and promoting visionaries in our community and abroad

It is my personal goal to invite you into my classroom to experience what students learn and share in Dance, to see the balance between hard work, dedicated practice, nerve-wracking performance and lots of fun that each student finds throughout the year in their dance class or club.

In the menu above (the three lines in the top left hand corner), you will find links that lead to descriptions of all Dance courses, extra-curricular clubs, student marks, and the annual Woburn Dance Festival as well as links to photo montages of the students hard at work, and videos of their many performances.

So browse, watch, applaud and share. And perhaps find yourself inspired to try a few new steps as well!


Mrs. Jankul-Tavchar