DachsLife 2015

The survey is now closed and results are presented below. Thank you to everyone who participated; we had over 2000 responses.

This survey was designed to assist us in finding out if any lifestyle influences contribute to IVDD (Back Disease) in Dachshunds. This is being used to support the research we are doing in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College. We are grateful to Dr. Rowena Packer and her colleagues from the RVC for their help in developing this survey.

This survey was primarily for UK-based Dachshund owners, but we were happy to receive responses from owners outside the UK, particularly if the dog was bred in the UK.

Questions covered:

    • Details of your Dachshund (live dogs only)

    • Any history of, or treatment for, IVDD (Back Disease)

    • How your Dachshund spends its day

    • Exercise

    • Diet

    • Any other health issues

All responses are treated as confidential and all results are presented anonymously. No owners or dogs are identifiable from the reports produced.

The survey was for live dogs only. If you wish to report details of a dog that has sadly died, please use the form here.

DachsLife 2015 Report 1