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Dachshunds generally suffer from few health problems and are long-lived, provided they are kept well-exercised, fit and fed on a healthy, balanced diet and not allowed to become overweight. The median (average) age of death reported in the KC Health Survey 2004 was 12 years and 8 months. Dachshunds are, however, a "dwarf breed" and consequently are more prone to back disease than other breeds. Download our Information for potential Dachshund owners and our Code of Ethics and Ethics Guidance which includes our guidelines on responsible breeding. Visit our News page for all the latest announcements and sign-up for our e-Newsletter below.

Visit our main Dachshund Breed Council website for details of Breed Club Secretaries who will be able to provide up-to-date advice on any current or emerging health concerns in any of the six Dachshund varieties. Read our Annual Health Report to find out about our plans and progress. Contact any of our Health and Welfare Sub-committee for more help. Advice on buying a Dachshund is here and owning a Dachshund is here.

Our current priorities are: Back Disease (IVDD), Lafora Disease, cord1 PRA. You can find Mini Wire Lafora Results here. You can find cord1 PRA results of Mini Smooth Dachshunds here, Mini Longhaired Dachshunds here and Mini Wirehaired Dachshunds here. Lists of cord1 PRA Hereditary Clear Miniatures are here.

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This site serves three purposes..

    1. To provide information on Breed Health Plans and the most up-to-date health information of importance to Dachshund breeders and owners

    2. To provide a place to report your Dachshund's health conditions (and cause of death, including "Old Age")

    3. To summarise the latest data available from owners' and breeders' Health Reports submitted to this site, plus other Breed Surveys

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Important information about this site:

Information on diseases presented on this site does not necessarily mean that a condition is widespread in the breed; the data are simply "reported cases" and may be different to prevalence in the breed as a whole. Refer to our Dachs-Life 2015 Health Survey for prevalence data.

Owners will inevitably turn to the internet if they are worried about their Dachshund and it would be surprising if they didn't. However, there are potential problems with owners relying on "Dr. Google". A BVA survey has shown it could be leading to pets suffering by being referred to vets later than is ideal. Always consult a Vet if you have any health concerns about a puppy you intend to purchase, or health problems with an older dog.

All information provided in Health Reports submitted to this site is treated as confidential by the Dachshund Breed Council's Health and Welfare Sub-committee. Reports on health conditions in UK Dachshunds will only be presented on this site in anonymous, summarised form. Breeders and Owners who submit information will not be identifiable from the information presented here.

Read our Code of Ethics.

You can find a short summary of our "History of Health Improvement" here.

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