How to submit a Health Report

You can report multiple conditions against one Dachshund, but if you want to add a Health Report for more than one Dachshund, please start a new Report for each dog.

If you would prefer to fill in a Health Report "off-line" you can download the Report Form as a MS Word file from the "Attachments" link at the bottom of this page.  Then, e-mail it to us (the address is in the Form).

The short video below will show you how to enter information and submit a Report on your Dachshund. (Click to play the video)

The Health Reporting Form consists of several pages.
 Page 1:   You are asked to confirm you accept the Terms of Use and are a UK Dachshund Breeder or Owner.
 Page 2: Asks for some information about you and the Dachshund you are reporting on.  Some of this information is mandatory, some is optional.  Dachshunds must have been born any time from 1995 onwards. 
 Page 3:  Gives you the list of main condition categories against which you can then select details of specific conditions.

"Report Condition" Pages: 

(there is a separate page for each set of detailed conditions)

You can choose from a list of specific conditions and add the age of diagnosis and age of death (if relevant).  You can also add an "other" condition if your dog's diagnosed condition is not listed.

You can then choose to return to the main list of Condition Categories and add further conditions for the same dog.  Note: You can only record ONE condition per category, so please submit separate Reports (for the same dog) if you need to report several conditions in one category (e.g. Dental: Retained Puppy Teeth AND Overshot).

 Final Questions On the final page you can, if you wish, add some information about the temperament and behaviour of your Dachshund.  This set of questions is optional. 
 Submit Data You are asked to "Submit" your Health Report and will see a confirmation message that it has been accepted.  From the "Confirmation Page" please use the "Home" link in the Left Sidebar to return to the main Health Report pages, or "Close" your web browser window to exit completely.
Ian Seath,
2 Jan 2010, 09:40