Ubiquity Roleplaying System™ from Exile Games Studio...

Ubiquity is an enhanced dice pool system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action. Like other dice pool systems, players roll a number of dice to determine the success or failure of a specific action. Unlike other dice pool systems, which can get bogged down in excessive dice rolling, Ubiquity has several key features that simplify play and encourage players to keep the story moving.

Roll any dice: Ubiquity lets you use the dice you already own. You can roll any dice as long as they have an equal number of even and odd numbers on them. You can even mix and match polyhedral dice!

Roll less dice: Ubiquity Dice dramatically simplify rolling dice. Specially designed as an add-on to Ubiquity, they allow you to roll up to one-third less dice and make counting the number of successes a breeze.

Roll less often: Ubiquity does away with needless dice rolls. Taking the Average tells you which actions are too easy to bother rolling for. You never have to slow down the action.

Play with style: Ubiquity rewards players for having a good time. You earn Style Points for role playing your character which may be spent for bonus dice later in the game. You not only have more fun, but you’re more effective too.