Personal Information

Theater - Litterature

  • I usually have to visit the national theatre's scene in Besancon once a month due to the cultural pressure imposed by highy motivated friends here who make this whole stuff quite enjoyable ! Besancon's nouveau theatre
  • If you'd like to know a guy who's mad of Proust's writings, go here Christophe's Proustmania
  • I have a lot of interest for Deleuze's ideas. More on: WebDeleuze

Some friends' websites

  • Jacky is doing great stuff in a number of facinating topics... go to Jacky's page
  • The man who knows everything about dynamical systems ! I hope he explains me one day what a moment map is ! ... go to Juan Pablo's page
  • Lyudmial Grigoryeva is an amazing mathematician and machine learning researcher ... and I am fortunate enough to have her as a friend !
  • Brahim Tamadazte is a (shy and) great colleague, always happy to start great work and to chat about every life's questions
  • Jean-Marc Nicod is a fantastic colleague working on combinatorial optimisation. Also, have a look at Julien Coupey's new start-up Verso !
  • Look at what Daniel Brunner is doing ! amazing
  • Christophe Guyeux is a great friend and prolific researcher
  • Discover what a cyber Achelem is ... Milou's Achelem
  • The TU is a mysterious organization which pressures people to become the new generation of actors ... try it ! Guigui's amazing secret organization
  • Henri has a great site here with a lot of fantastic maths
  • Jean-Yves is one of the martingale's wizard around here and was the main contributor to the task of making the atmosphere in the statistics team in Besancon really cool ... Go to his webpage !