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TopoDroid page of changes

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TopoDroid current version is 4.2.5*
Line version 4.2 is a pre-release of 5.0.0

Change-logs of previous version are in the subpage linked at the bottom.
Very old versions of the code/apk are on https://code.google.com/archive/p/topolinux/

The latest release apk is always available from Google Play Store.
Google Play apk is built for Andoird 5.0 up.
Below are the apk built for 4.1 up (v16) and 2.2 up (v8) as well as the G-Play version.
TopoDroid has an open beta program on Google Play. Opt-in url: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.topodroid.DistoX
Rarely, there may be alpha releases. Send me an email if you want to be included in the alpha program.

[1] From v. 3.4.0e it is possible to choose whether at-station cross-sections are shared among the sketches of the survey, or not.
The two choices cannot co-exist. The choice between shared/unshared is a survey attribute, it must be made when the survey is created, and cannot be modified afterwards.

[2] From v. 4.0.1 the minimum supported Android version is 4.1/api-16.
From v. 4.1.0k TopoDroid is compiled with Android build-tool api-26 (Google-mandatory from Nov. 2018).
Apk for older Android, 2.2/api-8 and up. are available below.


(July 25, 2018)
V. 4.1 fixes a bug in the asynch-io of sketches.
This bug affects surveys with many sketches and manifest as saving the opening sketch instead of the one being closed.
The app build for Android-2.2 and above is available below.

(Dec. 27, 2019)
From version 5.0.2 TopoDroid the cSurvey transfer-format will be the default cSurvey export.
From version 5.0.4 TopoDroid will no longer export regular csx format.
The new transfer format can be read with cSurvey version 1.20 or later.


4.2.5c - Beta 2010-01-17
TdManager setting

4.2.5b - Beta 2010-01-15
Double DistoX mode.
Sketch window quick-help splitted according to the window mode.
Null ptr checks: therion import, scrap drawing.
Included firmwares 2.4c 2.5c 2.5t
Translations and user manual updates.

4.2.5a - Beta 2020-01-09
minor fix

4.2.4f-g - 2020-01-03/07
Drawing tools update (by. R. Severo)
Minor fixes

4.2.4a - 2019-12-23
Revised DistoX backsight data.
Multi-scrap sketches.
New sketch cSurvey export.
New sketch export format: Tunnel XML.
Shp sketch export: georeferencing sketch-plan.
SVG sketch export: optional roundtrip format
Compass and VisualTopo import options dialogs.
Fixes: Sketch reload window, th2 xtherion-area, Search "no-extend" and longtap, Splay classes, Shot edit dialogs,
Calib group policies, Sketch select filter, Firmware check, X-section outline, LRUD al shot point,
Sketch DXF export, Dialogs man page, VisualTopo import, Sketch split, and others
Translations and User Manual updates.

4.2.3b-c - beta 2019-12-17
Fixes: plot reload window, th2 xtherion-area, search longtap.
Revised: splay classes assignment.
New cSurvey export - setting for cSurvey transfer format. (cSurvey v. 1.20 or later)
Updated user manual and translations

4.2.3a - Beta 2019-12-11
Updated WMM coefficients

4.2.2d-e - Beta 2019-12-09
Fix shot edit dialog(s).
Group policy can be set in dialogs (tester level) - The setting is the default.
Passed expected data-type to distox communication layer - used only in log for now.

4.2.2c - Beta 2019-12-03
Fixes: select filter, firmware check, x-section outline, LRUD al shot point.
Splay classes: revised user interaction.
Translations and user manual updates.

4.2.2a - Beta 2019-11-25
Revised audio and photo classes
New sketch export format: Tunnel XML

4.2.1e - Beta 2019-11-18
More multi-scrap export fixes
Dxf export closed spline fix.

4.2.1d - Beta 2019-11-15
DistoX A3 memory clear
Translations and user manual updates
Try-fix multiscrap therion export

4.2.1b - Beta 2019-11-11
Multi-scrap sketches
Long-tap on dialogs button row opens man page.
Dialogs man page opened by volume-up key.
Saved DistoX backsight flag in the shot records in the database.
Highlighted with yellow flag DistoX backsight shots
Revised semantics of "DistoX backshot" setting: if enabled DistoX backsight shots are reversed.
Limited no-extend search only to legs.
Compass and VisualTopo import options dialogs.
Shp sketch export: georeferencing sketch-plan [untested]
SVG sketch export: optional roundtrip format
Therion sketch exports automatically exports x-sections.
"Geek settings" renamed "custom settings".
- VisualTopo import
- version parsing in manifest in zips
- checks on null sumbol libs
- dxf export
- moving shot to following leg
- sketch split
User manual and translations update

4.1.4D-G 2019-10-22
Fixed declination in Survex export.
Fixed dxf sketch export.
Optional zipped symbols in zip archive.
Revised drawing tools:
new "speleo" UIS symbols "plus", "minus" and "plus-minus".
new symbol set "anthro" and other symbols additions (by R. Severo).
App shortcuts.
Bug fixes: current station, export point items in SVG export for Inkscape, zip-archive feedback message, other minor bugs.
Translations and user-manual updates.


4.1.0a - 2018-07-24 : Important sketch fix. Android 4.1 up (2.2 up on the website)

3.4.0e - 2017-06-30 : Shared vs private at-station x-sections

3.4.0 - 2016-06-16 : Supported archs: armeabi, armeabi-v7a

3.1.0 / 3.1.0a - 2016-03-21: Binary-only sketch file format.

2.7.0 - 2015-12-09 : Small number of drawing tools enabled by default (use the "palette" button to enable others)

2.6.4d beta 2015-11-01: Last version with automatic transfer of calibrations from "distox14.sqlite" to "device10.sqlite"

2.6.2l - 2012-10-22 : GPS external app: MobileTopographer

2.4.0 - 2014.12.15: Calibration window moved under the Device window

2.3.1b - 2014.10.16 : Activity-levels.

2.1.8 - 2014.04.08 : com.topodroid.DistoX namespace (uninstall pre-2.1.8 before new install)

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