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The Therion manager app is used to organize single surveys, exported as th files by TopoDroid, in Therion projects, encoded by Therion "thconfig" files. The thconfig files are saved in the subdirectory "thconfig" under the TopoDroid directory.

With it you can
  • create and delete thconfig files
  • add Therion data files to a thconfig, or remove them from it
  • view multiple survey plans, moving each of them with respect to the others
  • define station equates
By this means you have a workable thconfig file that can be
  • loaded in Cave3D to have a 3D view of the cave project,
  • used to compile the cave project with Therion

ThManager How-To.

When you start ThManager it lists the "thconfig" files from the thconfig sub-directory of TopoDroid.
If this directory does not exists, the app creates it and the list of thconfig files is empty.
If your th files are in another TopoDroid directory, change the CWD (current work directory) to there,
with the "Options" menu.

In this screen-view you have the following menus:
- create a new thconfig
- edit the app settings (in particular you can set the current working directory)
- help (not implemented)

When you tap a thconfig file in the list, it is opened and the screen-view changes to the
list of surevys contained in the project. A newly created thconfig does not have any th file, so the
list is empty.
This view menus are
- add surveys (th files) to the project
- delete surveys from the project
- view selected surveys, displaying their view in plan.
- list the Therion "equates". With this dialog you can remove equates.
- delete the project
- options (not implemented)

The surveys are displayed in plan-view with the midline and the station names.
The surveys are shown with different colors.
Equates are shown with red dashed lines, and equated stations have a round background.
The view can be panned and zoomed (with two-finger).
In ths view you can grab a survey by tapping on one of its stations (the selected station is highlighted with a circle).
When a survey is selected you can drag it, the other surveys remaining fixed.
By this means you find how to put the surveys together.
When the two stations of the two surveys are almost overlapped, they are both highlighted: in this situation
you can add a new equate (menu "add equate") between them.
It is advisable to view two surveys at a time only.
There is a menu to list the equates, and to define a new "equate".

To add an "equate" you must first bring together the stations of the two surveys that you want to equate.
Then tap the two stations: they are both highlighted with a circle.
Finally select the "add equate" menu, and confirm.

From the dialog with the equate list, you can delete equates.

A pre-alpha version of the app is provided as "proof-of-concept".
Feedbacks are welcome.
Version 0.1.7 is built with Android sdk-26 as mandatory on Google Play from Nov. 1st 2018.

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