Youth Conservation Corps Returns to the Roslindale Wetlands

Post date: Jul 7, 2009 4:50:33 PM

Once again this summer, a Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) crew from the Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN) is at work in the Roslindale Wetlands. Federal stimulus funding has made this second year of work possible. Six teens and an adult supervisor will be on site for approximately eight weeks. Their first day was Monday, July 6.

Last year’s YCC crew accomplished very impressive invasive weed removal, plant maintenance, and trail building. This year’s team will focus on existing perimeter trail maintenance, extension of the trail, gathering and centralizing of heavy junk for future removal and disposal, small and miscellaneous junk and trash disposal, ongoing cutting back of invasive plant species, and weeding and watering of native plantings. They will likely enter and exit the Wild from the Morrison paper street at Weld Street and/or the end of Hazelmere Street.

Working each day, this crew will be able to accomplish work that it might take community volunteers years to complete. If you see them at work, please take a moment to say hello!

We are thankful to BNAN, the City of Boston Parks Department, the Boston Youth Environmental Network, and other nonprofits serving the city’s young people for their respective important roles and contributions in this program.