Developer renews proposal for multiple units on Roslindale Wetlands edge: Property values, density, safety, storm water management, conservation at issue

Post date: Oct 22, 2012 12:58:33 AM

This September, the owners of 104 Walter Street put forward a renewed residential construction proposal very similar to one proposed and rejected in 2005. They propose to build four two-family houses, a road/driveway network, and parking for 16+ cars. In 2005, Mayor Menino announced the withdrawal of a proposal for five two-family houses on this land. Furthermore, the owners agreed to convey one acre of unbuildable wetlands for conservation. (See our History page for details.)

Aware of the community’s strong past opposition, the owners of 104 Walter Street now speak of flexibility as to the number of units and a wish for consensus. But the fact remains that the community was promised in 2005 there would never be any future development on this land, and this renewed proposal is largely identical to 2003’s.

Concerns associated with the renewed proposal:

  • Increased flooding impact: Storm-water runoff from Peter’s Hill is sent to the wetlands via a storm water pipe that crosses the property at 104 Walter. Development on the property would aggravate periodic basement flooding in the neighborhood surrounding the wetlands. These photos from 2010 show how wet it can be in the area.
  • Increased risk of traffic accidents: The property exits onto Walter Street at a notoriously dangerous blind curve. Many accidents have occurred there.
  • Risk to conservation land: The property abuts the Roslindale Wetlands Urban Wild. The developer proposes to build high-density housing and extensive paved, supporting roadway in the wetlands buffer zone. This would negatively impact the fragile ecology of the Roslindale Wetlands Urban Wild.
  • Downward pressures on property values: basement flooding, increase in already unsafe traffic flow, high-density building on green space, and substantial compromising of conservation land.

Public meetings at this time are premature, but we do need to hear your opinions. Please send us an email with your thoughts and concerns at Be sure to include your name, address, email (and phone number, if you wish).