City Council Holds Hearing on Wetlands Protection

Post date: Aug 22, 2018 11:02:39 AM

On August 8, the Boston City Council held a hearing on a potential new wetlands protection ordinance. The Roslindale Wetlands Task Force and the Friends of Allandale Woods submitted a joint letter in support (attached below). The letter includes specific recommendations for the ordinance:

    1. Establishment of robust ecosystem and flood protection mechanisms by, for example, defining permitted and forbidden uses within the 100-foot wetland buffer zone, and, where applicable, stream and vernal pool buffer zones.
    2. Provision for mandatory filing of initial project plans—where applicable—to the Conservation Commission for staff, proponent, and public comment to the Commission; allowance for Commission or staff advisory submissions to other City reviewing departments such as BPDA, Parks and Inspectional Services/Zoning Board of Appeal.
    3. Related to item 2 above, establishment of a standard sustainability checklist and clear “roadmap” so that relevant components of proposed projects that include local wetlands legislation jurisdiction are considered at the earliest feasible stage of review.
    4. City process transparency via up-to-date, one-stop project information posting online.

In opening the hearing, Councilor Matt O’Malley mentioned growing up near the Roslindale Wetlands and his appreciation for the area. We are grateful to Councilors O’Malley, Michelle Wu, and Tim McCarthy for their attention and assistance.

The entire hearing is available on YouTube. In addition to Councilor O’Malley’s opening remarks, you can see the Friends of Allandale Woods statement by Tony LaCasse beginning at 1:19:08.

city council hearing

The joint letter from Roslindale Wetlands and Friends of Allandale is attached.