Can You Help Us Gather Signatures?

Post date: Mar 25, 2018 10:02:57 PM

The Roslindale Wetlands Task Force has been canvassing the neighborhood to distribute information and gather signatures on the petition against the proposed condominium complex at 104-108 Walter Street. We invite interested neighbors to help in this campaign at whatever level they are able and with which they are comfortable.

The online petition regarding 104-108 Walter Street has 1,076 signatures as of this writing. Many of you have already signed it electronically. It has been a striking success and had a real impact. But we believe the fight is only beginning. We think that hundreds of “hard copy” signatures from neighbors along the wetlands perimeter and nearby streets would significantly strengthen the community’s hand in its opposition to the developer’s proposal. Friends and even currently uncommitted people in city government have told us we are right to think that.

There are several ways you can help while fixing your time contribution at the level that works for you. For example:

  1. Email us to tell us you wish to sign the paper version of the petition. Please include your address. We will arrange to get your signature at your home. With each of these four options, it will be easier to arrange If you include your telephone number in addition to your address.
  2. Email us to say you will try to secure however many signatures of friends, adult family members, or residents of your street as you choose. Each signature helps, so there is no minimum figure. With options 2-4 we will arrange to deliver a blank petition or petitions to you.
  3. Email us to say you will canvass for signatures on your entire street. If you would like to do more than that street, specify those you have in mind.
  4. Email us to join Task Force canvassers for a scheduled session covering local streets.

We realize that not everyone is in a position to work against the proposed development in this particular way. Others may only have been waiting to be asked. We thank everyone for whatever support they do provide. All of it is important.