Fishers in the Wetlands

Post date: Aug 6, 2010 1:38:36 PM

A Boston Globe article on fishers, also known as fisher cats, has drawn attention to this ferocious mammal, which has been reported in the Roslindale Wetlands. Where present, the creature is rarely seen, being particularly shy and elusive around humans.

Bloodcurdling yowls, which match recordings of the fisher's cry, occasionally pierce the night air around the Wetlands. These are distinct from the screams of raccoons. The species has mounted a strong comeback in the state and is on the move into mature forested habitat--even woodlands in urban areas. Fishers look like oversized weasels and are members of that family: 4-16 lbs. varying with gender, featuring sharp claws and teeth. They are nocturnal in summer but exhibit daytime activity in winter.

Fishers are omnivorous and prey aggressively on squirrels and rabbits–and increasingly on loose domestic pets. A feral cat was killed in the wetlands in 2009 in a manner suggesting a coyote, or something else. So, pet owners, be warned.

Read the Globe article here.