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PRWeb - I have used PRWeb in the past and I will use it in the future. It is highly Google friendly and generally search optimized, but almost as importantly, it is actually used by many major media houses for news dissemination. Also, using PRWeb you can frequently get picked up in thousands of other news engines giving an average article 100,000 views, reads, etc. This was my average with a 4.5 out of 5 star ranking and a few other secrets that I just can't remember at this time. Save up and pay for better exposure. A few hundred dollars will get you great exposure. Build a good ranking from the PRWeb editors.

EzineArticles - Articles do very well in EzineArticles for many reasons. It is well search optimized and it is edited very well. Don't try to do a pitch in this website as they are very tough editors. But, that results in a very high Google acceptance and overall readership. Also, many very well respected publications, some I know personally, use these articles for online content. They recently updated their statistics and you can track a lot of metrics free. Spend some time getting to know this portal and it will pay off big time. READ THEIR EDITOR and GENERAL POLICIES.

BlogTalkRadio - For the chatty Kathy this is a fantastic resource and Google seems to love it. It is well coded and you can easily get your shows into iTunes and many places. When you choose the tags Google definitively takes them seriously. Plus, how else can you launch and test a radio show while getting traffic from the portal at the same time? This is a very valuable resource. If you spend about $40 a month you get a really awesome upgrade which includes the ability to edit and re-upload shows.

Keywords - You have to do your keyphrase research to know which phrases will work best for you. I cannot stress this enough. If you have the Google toolbar and you get to know how to use Google, it will TELL YOU what phrases to use. BUT, there is also some very good pay-for tools to help you effectively choose key-phrases.

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