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The first annual Walk for Wounded Warriors went off very well. 
It was exciting and I thank all our participants and volunteers!

Here's two places where I am trying to raise funds for Wounded Veterans.

( http://www.gofundme.com/6tc7ug )  


Recent Achievements
We will be changing our mission a bit this year. First we have secured a business name and we are trying to raise funds in a Crowd Funding website. When that goes live we will post the link here.

Raising Funds
We will be setting up tables all across the Mohawk Valley and raising money using many of the businesses that we have all used in the past to raise funds. We are registered with the Wounded Warriors as an event and have access to their marketing material as well. 

New Mission
1) We are raising money for the purpose of setting up a nonprofit. The next $2,000 will go directly to registering as a NPO as well as CPO's and any legal advice we need to get the nonprofit status.
2) When we have established the business as a nonprofit the flood gates will open. The current business name is Upstate NY Wounded Veterans and any checks can be made to that name.
3) When we are a registered nonprofit, the next goal is to attain a vehicle to transport wounded warrior's to therapy at no cost. We are working on an office in Utica that we can use rent free until we raise more funds to pay back-rent. 

HELP US HELP Wounded Warriors...

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