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Reverse Osmosis

When exploring reverse osmosis, the first law of nature to understand is entropy. Entropy means that with regard to solutions and air molecules energy is required to organize systems. In other words, with systems that have molecules moving around rapidly, called kinetic energy, things stay messed up. Imagine a table vibrating with marbles on it and there are red, white and blue colored marbles. Your job is to move small walls around to isolate the three different colored marbles into separate areas on the table to produce an image of an American flag. Imagine the difficulty to isolate the three colors! That is the energy required to organize a kinetic, or environment in motion. Nature typically produces noise. Intelligence and planning are typically required to produce music from noise. This is a universally accepted scientific principle. Oh really, then what of the creation of the Universe? Did that require an intelligent being to produce the music from the noise? The charge of an electron if just a billionth of an electrical charge different would not have produced all we see. A debate for another time!

So, in nature, if you have pure water, or order, on one side of a semi-permeable membrane, like a cell wall of a plant, and a solution, let's say salt water, on the other side, the pure water will cross the membrane to go to the salt water side. This is dependent upon pressures on each side due to entropy. It is trying to stay mixed up.

Examples of this effect in nature are numerous. Plant roots sucking up water, a potato dipped in salt water will shrink based upon the amount of sodium in the water and so on. Reversing osmosis means that if you apply a pressure on the salt water, or solution side, then the flow reverses and forces the system into a more orderly system, meaning purified water on the output. Reverse osmosis is using the cellular level to filter unlike most filters that use interweaved material to catch water contaminants. As with anything, even computer memory, to more you can conduct business on a cellular level the more you can do. Smaller particles get filtered and in the case of computer memory, the more data you can store on a smaller basis.

In a nutshell, reverse osmosis is man applying an external force to use nature to reverse its natural state and organize. It is like telling the tree roots to spit the pure water back into your cup so you can drink it. Or like telling the leaves of the tree to suck the oxygen back into the tree and give us back the carbon dioxide, but that wouldn't be beneficial. Reverse osmosis, RO, is the most economical way to purify drinking water at this time. Although, science is surpassing nature on many levels and creating man made filters that even remove more contaminants that RO. RO removes many nuclear contaminants and contaminants that are very harmful, so for the most part, RO is all you need. The better filters than RO remove things such as colloidal clay and other colloidal elements that aren't as harmful to people as they are to everything else in the home like appliances, buildup on surfaces like the toilet tank and taste.

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