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Please help us found our nonprofit to raise funds for wounded veterans in Upstate New York. We are raising funds through GoFundMe

Rob is a member of the Non Commissioned Officers Association, more commonly known as NCOA. NCOA is currently a leader in Veterans and Spouse Employment, a strong voice on Capitol Hill and with the Veterans Administration, and our members around the world are making a difference in their local communities. I encourage you to browse our website and see the great benefits and advantages there are to being an NCOA member and always remember – there is “Strength in Unity!”  --- NCOA Website

NCOA Mission

    The NCOA was established in 1960 to enhance and maintain the quality of life for noncommissioned and petty officers in all branches of the Armed Forces, National Guard and Reserves.The NCOA offers its members a wide range of benefits and services designed especially for enlisted service members and their families.We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the NCOA and the many ways it can enhance the lives of you and your family members.We welcome you to join our organization and take advantage of our proud past… and our promising future!

NCOA Creed

    It is with the conception and full understanding that many things of great need and importance can be accomplished in unity and cooperation.Thus do the members of the Non Commissioned Officers Association of the United States of America agree to join their efforts and strength to work together for the well-being of the individual, the group, and for the greatest benefit of our beloved nation.