Loyalty Noggin

Loyalty Noggin is the result of the team of coders that brought you CFDev (ActivEdit & ActivSoftware), Zrinity Email Server and a plethora of web-based business tools, plugins and management systems. See screen shots for more information and features below. The website is coming soon. Contact Rob Thrasher to learn more about Mobile/Online Customer Loyalty & Rewards Platforms.  Also, read Rob's article published in eZine articles about customer loyalty and rewards

Loyalty Noggin is loyal to our veterans. Loyalty Noggin donates to, and supports, the Upstate New York Wounded Veterans. Please visit the Warrior page to learn more. Videos about Mobile Loyalty industry.  

  • Mobile App tracks and manages each customers rewards. 
  • Autopost to customers' FaceBook and social network pages. 
  • Give rewards for customers who post to, like, or in some way interact with your FaceBook and social networking pages.
  • QR codes: Scan to download app and scan to get reward points.
  • Desktop signs and marketing material. 
  • Web Portal Login: 
    • Host and manage entire website. Offset the cost of existing hosting and move to one portal.
    • Email similar, but better than, other email contact systems. Offset cost of hosting and using other email contact systems. Get better delivery and easier management for your email campaigns. 
    •  Extremely intelligent reporting and metrics. Which loyalty customer has rewards coming, which redeemed, who called (recorded calls), which campaign generated the sales, etc. 
    • Easily create coupons and more offers with QR and barcodes for redemption tracking. 
    • Integrated with FaceBook and soon more social media to easily spread the word and maybe go viral with your deal. 
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Offset cost of existing CRM system, or simply integrate LN with your existing CRM system. 
    • Ad Tracking: Track ads across almost any ad system. Track calls (recorded), clicks and more.

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