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Feel free to answer any or all as you see fit. Also, feel free to add your own or edit these!

Remember this form is used by everybody from real estate professionals to plumbers, so it is intentionally generic. The best shows are written by you, not us! "Live long and prosper!" - Spock

Calling The Show

You call in to the same number that you can share with friends to call in to ask questions. The call in number is (646) 478-4353. Call in 15 minutes prior to the show. You might not hear anything until the show starts. Be patient, we will get to you. At times, we have missed a show, as we are very busy, but do not worry! Just wait a few minutes and if we don't start the show simply hang up. We did not forget about you, but might have to reschedule!


1)   What, in your past, lead you to be an entrepreneur, self promoter and/or real estate professional?  Were your parents, or other family members entrepreneurs, business leaders, authors, real estate professionals, or other type of self promoter? 

2)   What was your family life like and where did you grow up and where do you live now?

3)   What lead you to the particular industry, or real estate specialty/area, you are currently in?


1)   Give me an idea how many items you sell in a month/year and how it compares to last year. Talk about other area business leaders who have helped you grow the business.  What are your goals for this year?

2)   Tell us about business relationships that currently exist that help you sell more.

3)   Is your office primarily a home office - what do you do to keep overhead low? How much do you use the Internet for marketing?

4) What do you describe as your three biggest challenges in your day to day business ventures?



1)   What is the future of our economy, your industry, your region, your business and the country? Just your best guess.

2)   How many items do you plan to sell next year?  Can you tell me what your revenue was for last fiscal year?  Do you want to grow, or do you feel you are at a good point, comfortable and just plan to maintain?