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Know Your Water

Go to the website of your local water authority and find the Consumer Confidence Report, which might be listed under a link named Water Quality. You might be surprised that almost all contaminants known to mankind, including Coliform, radioactive contaminants, haloacetic acids, trihalomethanes, lead and much more ARE in your drinking water. They are likely in amounts that are under the EPA Regulatory Limits, but they are in there. In the references below you will find a link to the actual report filed by the Mohawk Valley Water Authority in Utica New York.

The Consumer Confidence Report also explains if your drinking water is susceptible to various types of contamination. As an example this is a statement from the same Water Authority listed above. "...hydrologic characteristics (basin shape and flushing rates) generally make reservoirs highly sensitive to existing and new sources of phosphorus and microbial contamination."

Buried within the pages of the Consumer Confidence Report it also states that despite the fact that all the levels of contamination are below the regulated amounts that some people may be more vulnerable to disease causing microorganisms/pathogens in drinking water. Those people include immuno-compromised persons, people undergoing chemotherapy, people who had organ transplants, people with HIV/AIDS, some elderly, and infants. The report explains that, "These people should seek advice from their health care provider about their drinking water. EPA/CDC guidelines on appropriate means to lessen the risk of infection by Cryptosporidium." It is always a good idea to learn about your water and even have it tested.

Here's some text from the Water Authority mentioned above, "During 2009, as part of our routine sampling, 11 samples from the Hinckley Reservoir raw source water and 11 samples of our filtered water were collected and analyzed for Giardia cysts. Of these samples, from the Hinckley Reservoir raw source water 3 tests were positive for Giardia. Therefore, our testing indicates Giardia may be present in our raw source water....The Giardia parasite is passed in the feces of an infected person or animal and may contaminate water or food. Person to person transmission may also occur in day care centers or other settings where hand washing practices are poor." Just to be sure you didn't miss anything - this is saying that Giardia, which IS in the water, is from the feces of an infected animal. They do explain that none of this contaminent was in the water after they filtered it.

Questions to ask your municipal water provider... 1) What contaminants does your water provider remove from the water? 2) Are there any contaminants for which they do not treat the water because they are not considered hazardous? 3) Ask for, or go get, a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Follow this link to view an actual Table of Detected Contaminants. You will have to scroll down a few times to get to the table.

This particular one is from the Mohawk Valley Water Authority in Utica New York.

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