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Success Characteristics

If you are in business, you need to tell everyone what you do, and I mean everyone. Start with your immediate family, and then move on to your extended family, friends and acquaintances. All sales people, whether you own your own venture, or work for somebody else, need to develop this gift. If you are an introvert, come out of your shell. Children are a very good example. Most kids are very good at striking up conversation. Generally, they're not afraid to tell classmates their names, ask classmates their names and other information they want to know.

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According to Mike Bova, author of, Tidbits From the Sales Pits: "My mother was very good at starting conversations with total strangers. She had the gift of gab. In one way, this frustrated me because she would strike up these conversations when the two of us were shopping. As you can imagine, our shopping excursions turned into shopping journeys; however, in another way, I learned from her. My entire family has the gift of the gab, so apparently it's genetic."

Do you remember the days of your childhood? In the same way, introduce yourself to people you don't know. Ask them what they do for a living, then more times than not, they'll ask you what you do for a living.

Then the conversation gets rolling. WARNING: Don't be over-zealous. Keep your eyes and ears open and look for opportunities to engage. Also, don't talk incessantly. Listening is something you also need to develop, and sometimes silence is powerful.

Lastly, you never know who you're going to meet, who you're going to run into, who people you meet know and what doors can be opened. Opening your pie hole will open doors, but shutting your pie hole will keep those doors shut. Sounds like a proverb doesn't it? Stay alert, and tell people in your own network what you do and why you are the best. But do remember to listen to prospects carefully when it is time to do so.

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