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Real Estate Migration of 2020 - Utica Nanotech

The Great Real Estate Migration of the 2020's

    Nanotech Utica is Happening

 By Rob Thrasher - Rob is a licensed real estate agent in the Utica-Rome area of Upstate NY.

"Is Trump Lying… … Nanotech Utica is Happening… ...Technology is Changing Utica NY"  

Over a decade ago I wrote an article "The Great Real Estate Migration of the Roaring 20's". My premise was that technology, mostly internet related, would cause a huge shift from inner cities to the suburbs. I predicted that Google would be more than just a search engine. I predicted Google would be a business tool for all purposes. If you use Google Drive, Webmaster, etc. then you know I was correct about that prediction. I also predicted the Internet Wars of the Year 2000. I was off by about 15 years. Not so bad, in the grand scheme of things, but the war is on.

China, Russia and others attack the USA daily and with no retribution. All our secrets are being downloaded every day. We have no borders on our south and no borders as far as our internet is concerned. We are being robbed of our sacred fortunes and our identity.

That said, we also continue to create new technology and lead the world as far as the cutting edge technologies are concerned. We are the leaders in computer programming, nanotech and other cutting edge arenas! Now, in Upstate NY we might be seeing the very first of the Great Real Estate Migration that I thought would come 15 years ago.

NANOTECH is the kind of technology that can be hosted in an otherwise rural, low-tech town. By leveraging online tools and our cutting edge technology such as nanotech, areas of the country like the Utica-Rome area can make a resurgence.

"Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's $1.5 billion Nano Utica initiative has prompted unprecedented community excitement and interest, especially from those who want to be a working part of New York’s economic transformation. "The Nano Utica partnership—Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions Incorporated (ANS), SEMATECH, Atotech, and SEMATECH; and CNSE partners, including IBM, Lam Research and Tokyo Electron—expects to bring substantial employment opportunities to the Mohawk Valley as part of the Governor's initiative."  Source

Despite the naysayers, this is happening. Nobody invests the amount of money in any area unless this is real. How will this nanotech revolution transform Utica and the Mohawk Valley? Well, for starters, it has already resulted in five new hotels, and not little ones either. There are new upscale condos being built as I write this article in Rome NY. My theory is that when the builders break ground, this is real. This is why people like Donald Trump contribute to political campaigns, even when he does not necessarily agree with the politics of the candidate to which he contributes. He is lying about wanting Hillary at his wedding. That does not make him money. He pays politicians so that he knows when to build!

 "The 1,500 jobs being created as part of the Nano Utica initiative will include cleanroom technician positions; research, business operations, systems management, clerical and administrative staff; maintenance and support workers; and a variety of other positions…  ...GE Global Research and SUNY Poly developing Power Electronics packaging facility, expected to create nearly 500 jobs in initial phase, ultimately growing to nearly 920 over ten years... ...Nano Utica initiative now projected to create more than 4,000 jobs in total over next ten years."

When the builders invest millions to build condos and hotels, it is real. Now, we see another offshoot of this reality. A hospital in downtown Utica NY. This is a big deal. This is another piece of the real estate migration back toward the heart of our cities. Downtown is a thing again! I remember going "downtown" with my grandmother decades ago. We stopped at McDonalds, which left downtown long ago. It was a big deal. We went to the big stores downtown and ate lunch while we were there. This might be something your children see again.

In the Utica-Rome area the big industry is the medical industry. One never knows how long the medical gravy train will endure, but, for now, it is a cash cow. And where the medical industry goes, other businesses follow.

Later this month I will interview many of the politicians who helped bring nanotech to the Utica Rome area and hopefully we will learn more about this new real estate migration in which we have embarked.

Regarding Anthony Brindisi… "Working in a bipartisan manner… ...helping to secure $180 million for the Nano Utica project on the campus of SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Marcy; several millions of dollars for cyber-security and unmanned aerial vehicle research and development at the Griffiss Business and Technology Park in Rome; and $5 million for renovations to the Utica Memorial Auditorium…"

I hope to have Mr. Brindisi on my radio show soon!

About Rob:

 Rob is a licensed real estate agent with Cushman & Wakefield Pyramid Brokerage Company in the Utica Rome, CNY area of Upstate NY. He is a NY Times recognized Sales and Marketing Executive and a two decade business-technology consultant.

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