Social Hubs

Key Business Benefits of CyberVillage Social Hubs

 1) You, the business owner, OWN the hub and all its associated social media participants social media profiles.  In other words, when you let the reporters at your station tell people to follow them at their name at Twitter or FaceBook, you lose that traffic if they leave. With a Social Hub, you own the domain name and all associated social profiles. 
 2) Why announce "Find me on FaceBook at Jack Smith, find me on Twitter at....  UGH!  STOP!  Just say one place, "Link with me on your social network of choice (FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc) at our Social Hub. 
 3) I can build these out using my tools faster than anybody on planet Earth. 
 4) I market the hub through my quarter million CyberVillage page-views (144,000 Google-Optimized and Cataloged Pages) using advanced search marketing strategies.
 5) Brand as your own if you prefer. Call it Happy Social Hubs if you like. 

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