Non Family Executives

[above] 1944. Gilbert R. Potts (left), Chairman of the Board, at the founding of Ballantine's "Quarter Century Club",
seated next to honorary members, Otto A. and Carl W. Bad


Gilbert R. Potts (1875 - 1962)
- Perhaps the most notably non-family executive of the
P. Ballantine & Sons company was Gilbert Ramsey Potts, working under both Ballantine & Badenhausen ownership.  Potts was hired in 1904 as an assistant superintendent, and advanced to special superintendent, secretary, vice president and president of the company (mid-1920-mid-1930), being listed as  Board Chairman in the 1940s, "responsible for labor relations" according to one obituary.  He retired in 1951, when he resigned as board chairman.

Potts, according to one obit, also served as the president of the United States Brewers Association (cannot find a confirming source).  He was the first Vice President of the third brewers organization**, Brewing Industry, Inc., formed in Feb., 1936 by a group of large, mostly mid-Western brewers - Pabst and Anheuser-Busch among them.  Other officers of the group included AB's August A. Busch, Jr. and Pabst's H. Perlstein, with Adolph Coors and Alvin Greisedeick on the board of directors.
[above] (1944) Potts as the Chairman,
after buying Feigenspan (50 Freeman St.).


Worked for Ballantine & Co. in the 1890s as superintendent, left company in 1903. (Carl Giese, -below- took his place.) May have gone to help start short-lived (1904-1906) Henry Claus Brewing Co. of Brooklyn.  Died in 1907 at 58.

Below, a "J. Müller" attended the 1887 Convention of the United States Brewers Association as a representative of P. Ballantine & Sons.  Possibly a relative or a first initial misprint for Henry W. Moeller?


Hired as clerk in 1882.  Appointed Superintendent in 1903, rose to 3rd Vice
President by 1918.  Also a Chairman.

Died 1939.
<Giese's address and signature on US passport application


Hired "while still in his teens" (Obituary - Red Bank Register, 10/1/42) in the 1880s by P. Ballantine & Sons, Kingsley worked for the brewing company for over 50 years, rising to
Secretary, Director and finally Vice President during Prohibition, before the Badenhausen purchase.

After Ballantine, he organized and worked for the NJ State Alcoholic Beverage Commission during the Repeal era.


 Hired in 1934 as a draught beer salesman.  Held various executive positions,  including head of sales for NY and NJ. 

Promoted to Assistant to the President (Carl Badenhausen) in 1955.

Retired in 1967, died in 1968, his obituary claimed that he was
 "...largely responsible for making the brew a top-seller in the state."


(1898 - ) 1930 Census listed him as a "Process Engineer" in the "Beverage" industry (the Hoffman Beverage Co. of Newark, which would not open their brewery until 1934), "specializing in bottling, brewery production, and carbonated-beverages" according to the US Congressional Record.
 Operated his own engineering consulting firm (1936 - Rue & Bostock) when hired in 1938 as an engineer at Ballantine to become Bottle House superintendent, went on to be head of Brewing Department and then Production Manager and Assistant VP. 

Appointed Vice President in Charge of Operations in 1954.

Represented the brewery during Congressional Hearings in 1939/1940 (on Bottle Breakage and Leakage in Breweries) and in 1963/1964 (on Tax Treatment for Beer Concentrates).

Member - American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1930s-1940s).

Along with Frank Kenney, represented the company at the Malting Barley Improvement Association.
Held numerous patents for the company, such as for a box design [ABOVE]  an air sterilizer, crown marking mechanism and a deaerating of water for carbonating beverages.

1930s -1960s era P. Ballantine & Sons' execs:
[LEFT] (1909 - ) Advertising Manager Henry Gorski, resigned in 1956.

[CENTER](1920 - 2011) Hired as a office boy in 1937 Leonard Faupel replaced Gorski in 1957.  He left Ballantine in 1966 for a VP job with their ad agency, William Esty.

[RIGHT] (1898 - 1973) Sales Manager W. H. Alley Promoted to Vice President-Sales  in 1961 See Alley's 4 page Bock Beer memo from 1941 Alley was replaced by Bert Megowan [BELOW]


(1919-1986) Hired by P. Ballantine & Sons in 1939 as a lab assistant - 1940 Census listed him as a "Chemist - Brewery". 

Along with Robert G. Wright, did extensive work on hop aroma and testing of distilled hop oil, methods of which are still used today.  Gave “Hop Quality Improvement ” address at 1951 Hop Growers Convention.
Represented the brewery as a member of the United States Brewers Foundation/Brewing Industries on the Malt Research Institute in the 1940s.

Member of the Executive Committee (Secretary) of American Society of Brewing Chemists in the late 1940s.

Was labeled Ballantine "Production Manager" in above 1955 photo -appointed Head of Operations in 1961. Retired from Ballantine in 1966 as Vice President - Production.

He would say that he "did not intend to stay retired" when hired by Chockful of Nuts to be president of Rheingold Breweries, Inc., which the latter company had purchased in early 1974.  

Resigned from Rheingold in 1976.

Connery celebrating the re-opening of
Rheingold's Brooklyn brewery - 1974 >


Chemical Engineer, hired by P. Ballantine & Sons c1951 (formerly with Walter Baker/General Foods and White Rock/National Distillers).
1952 - Ass't Technical Director
1955 - Head of Technical Department
1965 -Chief Chemist

Member of American Society of Brewing Chemists,
and of Malting Barley Improvement Association.

Referred to as the "brewmaster of P. Ballantine & Sons" in an ad for a lecture given in 1955.

After Ballantine:
Miller Brewing Co.- Milwaukee Plant Manager (1975) / Director of Brewing Operations (1978-80?)


No info on these Ballantine employees involved in hop research who worked with Frank Kenny and Frank Connery, probably working in the brewery's Technical Dept.


Lawyer who helped arrange the Badenhausen purchase of the brewery from the Ballantine heirs. Hired by P. Ballantine & Sons in 1941, returned to the company after WWII service as a Major in the Air Force.

Appointed Secretary in 1951, Vice President in 1954 and President in 1964 after Carl Badenhausen moved to the position of Chairman of the Board. 

Served as president of the New Jersey Brewers Association in the 1960s.

1967 - Chairman of the Board briefly, before retiring from Ballantine in 1967.  Died in 1983.


Appointed president and CEO of P. Ballantine & Sons, January, 1967.   Previously with Colt/Fairbanks Morse, RCA, Raytheon and ITT.

"I have a troubled company here and normal procedures might not save this company.”
---October 16, 1968 The New York Times
Resigned from P. Ballantine & Sons February, 1969.  Died in 2008.


Vice President - Sales, 1964 - c.1970, hired to replace the retiring Wm Alley.

Formerly with Lucky Lager Brewing Co. Sales Rep for Los Angeles, manager/president of their Fisher Brewing Co. subsidiary in Salt Lake City, Utah, and then V.P. - Southern Division.  After Ballantine, worked for Gallo Wine in the 1970s.

Megowan at Lucky Lager's Utah subsidiary, Fisher Brewing Co., in 1961 (click for larger view)


Former president of the Jacob Ruppert Brewing Co., NYC, joined Ballantine in 1967 as Vice President. Was also a Board member by 1969. Appointed president in February 1969, resigned only months later when the company was sold to IFC in May.  Died in 1971.

In June, 1965, as Ruppert president Waldron had purchase the Boston Celtics basketball team and, when the parent company of Ruppert, National Equities, closed the brewery, Waldron stayed with the Celtics.  Hired by Ballantine, he again bought the Celtics.  After IFC purchase of Ballantine in May and then selling the Celtics in August, Waldron stayed with the basketball team, leaving Ballantine.


 32 year old Vice President of Investors Funding Corp., appointed president after the 1969 IFC purchase of Ballantine, by IFC President, Jerome Dansker, who became the Chairman of the Board.

John Brzezinski (1924 - 2007) was hired by P. Ballantine & Sons circa 1950, working in the R&D and Quality Control departments and was promoted to Technical Director in 1970 "...responsible for all product formulation" (according to an 1989 article on Evansville Brewing Co. )

He left the company in 1971 when hired by Lone Star Brewing Co. of San Antonio, TX, rising to VP-General Manager and an eventual seat on their board by 1975.  He continued to work at Lone Star after the company was purchased by the Olympia Brewing Co. (which also owned Hamm's) in 1976, and operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Washington state brewery.

Brzezinski apparently went with Pabst Brewing Co. after it had bought Olympia (Heileman kept Lone Star brand and their San Antonio brewery after that famous 3-way merger and spin-off of a new "Pabst") working in Milwaukee as Executive Vice President/Operations until resigning in March, 1985 - among the many executives who left Pabst (including Bill Smith [formerly of Pittsburgh Brewing Co.], who went on to buy the Huber Brewing Co. of Monroe, WI) after Paul Kalmanovitz and his S&P Corp. (owner of General/Falstaff/Pearl Brewing Companies) took over Pabst.  

He re-entered the industry in 1988 as the President and CEO of the short-lived Evansville Brewing Co., a Heileman spin-off of the former Sterling Brewers in Indiana, which also marketed other ex-Heileman brands Falls City, Cook's, Drewrys and Weidemann, leaving in 1991. EBC would only last for a decade.

According to SEC filings, in 1994, he became a director of the Minnesota Brewing Co, the former Schmidt Brewing Co of St. Paul, MN (another former Associated Brewing Co. brewery that became a Heileman spin-off, which proved to be short-lived).

By the turn of the century, Brzezinski had become one of the very few reliable sources for information on the brewing of the Ballantine ales as interest in the products had increased with the rise of the "craft" beer segment and India pale ales and other hoppy beer styles were revived.  See:


John Brzezinski (right), then VP of Lone Star, enjoys a Shiner Beer in 1977 with the heads of Texas' other independent breweries, Pearl's Lee Birdsong (left) and Spoetzl's Archie Ladshaw (center).

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