1879 Brewery Drawings
from Scientific American  MARCH 15, 1879


To bring before our readers some fact relative to the brewing of ale, we give engravings illustrative of the industry as at present carried on by Messrs. P. Ballantine & Sons, of Newark, N.J.- this establishment being one of the largest and one of the oldest of its kind in the United States.  It has been in existence for more than forty years, and has been located in Newark since 1840.

 Since the organization of this business by the elder Mr. Ballantine, in 1835, in Albany- then the headquarters of the brewing business- this has slowly but steadily developed until it has reached gigantic proportions.  The establishment of Messrs. P. Ballantine & Sons, covering about seven acres of ground, has a frontage on the Passaic River of 600 feet;  this, in conjunction with the railway lines on the opposite side of the premises, afford the most extensive facilities for the receiving and shipping materials and products.

The great progress which Messrs. P. Ballantine & Sons have made in the manufacture of ales is solely due to their steadily pursued efforts to palce their business upon a true scientific basis by making the best use of the discoveries and researches (into fermentation, etc.) of Cagniard-Latour, Liebeg, and Pasteur.