P. Ballantine and Sons            

Newark, New Jersey  1840-1972


Ballantine pages

Ballantine Timeline - Pre-Prohibition

Ballantine Timeline- Post-Repeal

A brief history of Ballantine in Quotes

Peter Ballantine & Sons

1879 Brewery Interior Drawings

Breweries at the turn of the century

Closing of the Ale Brewery - 1915

Artists views of Front St. facilities

1900s Ale Menu & 1910 Beer Menu

Pre-Prohibition labels of Independent Bottlers 

Pre-Prohibition maps

Classified Ads 1895-1905

Turn of the century Ale ads

Pre-Pro Beer Ads 

1912 map of Ballantine and Feigenspan breweries (with link to other "fire maps")

Beer Specifications

Malt Extract for the Baking Industry

Malt Extract beverage

Cereal Beverage and Soft Drinks


Malt Syrup

Badenhausen Brothers

Non-Family Executives - Pre- and Post-Prohbition


Labor Unions at Ballantine

Post-Repeal Branches & Distributors

Ale Comes Back The first post-Repeal years

Ballantine's IPA and Brown Stout


Bock Beer 



 Skimming Ale- Open Fermentation

Aging Cellar


Bottling Line 



Beer menus 1930's & 1940's

Touring Ballantine

New Jersey's Largest Brewery

Aerial Views Freeman Street Brewery

Schematic of the Brewing Process

Falstaff era Ballantine ales labels 

Click on pictures above and below for larger views of the Ballantine breweries, circa 1890's.

Purchased Breweries

Cumming > Morton & Brother brewery

Schalk Bros. Lager Bier Brewery

The Christian Feigenspan Brewing Company

Feigenspan page 2 

P.O.N. Ads of the 1930's