Badenhausen Brothers

 (left) Otto 1895 - 1966 and  Carl 1893 -1981 

(from Fortune Magazine article, 1939).

Of the post-Repeal breweries that would reach the Million Barrel mark by the end of the decade, besides being the only one with an ale as its flagship, P. Ballantine and Sons would be notable as the only one that was not owned by members of the original founding family. Brothers Adolphus and August A. Busch, Jr. were running Anheuser-Busch, the Uihlein family (heirs of the nephews of Joseph Schlitz who died in 1874) owned Schlitz, Pabst was still an executive at Pabst even after merging with Premier at Repeal and "Colonel" Jacob Ruppert, Jr. ran the largest brewery in New York City, founded by his father. 

Even among the other local large brewers in the NY-NJ metro area, Henslers brothers operated their family brewery after re-purchasing it after Repeal, young Rudy Schaefer, grandson of Maximilian (the "M" of F & M Schaefer) was running that Brooklyn brewery and Christian Feigenspan, William Krueger and Julius Liebmann were operating their family breweries in Newark and Brooklyn.

Cornell graduates Carl and Otto Badenhausen, along with other investors (including Carl's in-laws, the Schweinlers), would purchase P. Ballantine and Sons in 1933, after the return of 3.2 beer and Full Repeal was only months away.  During Prohibition,  Carl Badenhausen was an executive at the Pan America Supply Co. in NYC (which dealt in brewing equipment, among other industries) and Otto was a chemist at DuPont in Delaware and, later, for the Passaic Color Corp., a manufacturer of dyes.

 (Above) Carl Badenhausen at charity ground breaking for the Ballantine Inn at the New York World's Fair 1939-40. 

(Wire service photo)


 (Below) Carl Badenhausen in 1950 in photo at the lauter tun at the brewery from a New York Times article.

P. Ballantine & Sons officers

1944 (after absorbing Feigenspan)

June, 1955


President & Director – Carl W. Badenhausen

Exec. VP & Director – Otto A. Badenhausen

Vice President & Secretary – John E. Farrell

Vice President – Raymond N. Bostock

Treasurer & Ass’t Sec. – Eugene H. Jeffrey

Assistant Treasurer – Harold N. Tisch

Assistant Secretary – Francis W. Brennan


George T. Delacorte, Jr.1

Carl Schweinler2

Richard C. H. Meyer

Carl S. Badenhausen

Albert Peter Delacorte

Henry B. Wesselman

 Additional Stockholders (10% or more):

Dorothy S. Baudenhausen

Eddy & Co.

Sigler & Co.

New York Life Insurance Co.

August Horrmann



Carl S. Badenhausen

George T. Delacorte, Jr.1

Richard C. H. Meyer

Erwin Millimet

Henry W. See

John J. Waldron

The above board would not serve out its term, due to the sale to Investors Funding.

1 - Founder of Dell Publishing Co.

2 - Owner of "The Charles Schweinler Press", brother of Carl Badenhausen's wife, Dorothy M.

Carl W. Badenhausen - 1940

President - P. Ballantine & Sons

Chairman - United Brewers' Industrial Foundation

Treasurer and Director - United States Brewers Association

President - New Jersey Brewers' Association

Trustee- New York Brewers' Board of Trade


P. Ballantine & Sons - Chairman of the Board

1967 - Retired

(Above) Carl Badenhausen towers over the heads of the owners his two largest area competitors,  Jacob Ruppert, Jr. and Rudy Schaefer, in this 1937 photo at the creation of the United Brewers Industrial Foundation.
The three NYC metro region breweries -Jacob Ruppert, P. Ballantine & Sons and F. & M. Schaefer -  were the #4 - 6 largest in the country, the only million barrel brewers in the nation besides the "Big 3" national brewers - Anheuser-Busch, Schlitz and Pabst.







At a time when such figures were public record, the Badenhausen brothers were among the highest paid residents of New Jersey, both having salaries greater than the heads of national breweries like Anheuser-Busch and Pabst, and twice that of next-door competitor, Feigenspan.

Their salaries would equal over $2 million in 2015 dollars.

In 1941, the typical wage for unionized brewery workers in the NY-NJ region was $1.25 hour, or ~$2,600 a year.

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