"America's #1 Ale Comes Back"  

P. Ballantine and Sons advertising in the

immediate post-Repeal years




World War II era ad, touting the metal savings of buying the "Bumper Bottle" one quart size bottle.

 Note the claim that "...not a barrel of 3.2 ale was ever brewed by Ballantine".  Because the sale of the brewery to the Badenhausen brothers was not finalized until May, 1933, Ballantine was not ready to brew the 3.2 beer that became legal in April, 1933.  3.2 beer would be the only legal alcoholic beverages in the period between FDR's requested change in the Volstead Act and the enactment of the 21st Amendment that repealed Prohibition in Dec. of 1933.

P. Ballantine & Sons would not market it's beer until Feb. 1934. 



Text for ad which appeared in numerous newspapers around the country as P. Ballantine and Sons built a network of distributors to carry its ales throughout the nation.